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Badminton Pan America

As an avid athlete, dedicated mother, passionate volunteer, and experienced manager, Pilar Carrillo has been deeply involved in the world of badminton, reaching great heights in her career.

Pilar, who currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Badminton Pan-American Confederation (Badminton Pan Am), has made significant contributions to the organization over the past 10 years. Recognized for her remarkable dedication alongside German Valdez, the Development Director, she shares her journey in badminton and reflects on her professional accomplishments.

Getting Involved in Badminton

Pilar’s journey began as a volunteer in the Badminton Commission of the Regatas Lima Club. It was there that she crossed paths with the president of the Peruvian Badminton Federation, who invited her to join the board as the General Secretary. Pilar’s involvement expanded when the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) offered her the role of Technical Coordinator of Badminton. Gradually, she found herself increasingly engaged in the administrative aspects of the sport.

Bridging the Gap

The Badminton Pan-American Confederation, headquartered in the United States, primarily communicated in English. This posed a challenge for Spanish-speaking countries. However, this language barrier was successfully overcome when Pilar was hired to fulfill a vital role.

In 2003, when the president of the Peruvian Federation assumed leadership at Badminton Pan Am, he entrusted Pilar with the responsibility of fostering communication with Spanish-speaking countries. This further immersed her in the affairs of the Confederation. Eventually, she was appointed as the head of the Badminton Pan Am Office, a position she has held for the past 10 years.

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A Passion Passed Down through Generations

For Pilar, badminton holds a deeply personal significance. It is not merely a professional pursuit but a family legacy. Both her parents played the sport at the club level, and she herself competed at a high level. Even her children have embraced badminton. Pilar views her involvement in the sport as an opportunity to contribute to her passion, which runs in her blood.

Pilar’s professional journey has been driven by the pursuit of opportunities and a passion for continuous growth. When she first encountered the chance to work in her current role, she wholeheartedly seized it. Supported by a dedicated team, she embarked on a mission to enhance the sport in the region. Pilar takes pride in the strong internal structure they have established, treating each other like a family. While challenges lie ahead, the opportunity to develop, create, and wholeheartedly commit herself to her work fuels her endless passion. There are no limits to what she can achieve, defining her identity through her endeavors.

Fulfillment and Recognition

Pilar finds deep satisfaction in her chosen path. Badminton has provided her with a sense of purpose, allowing her to connect with remarkable individuals. The recognition and appreciation she has received for her contributions underscore the immense pride she feels for the work accomplished.

As a mother with three children actively involved in sports, Pilar has witnessed firsthand the positive impact sports can have on personal development. Her children’s engagement has opened doors to countless opportunities. Moreover, Pilar herself has achieved a dream shared by countless athletes and their parents – the honor of competing at the Olympic Games.

With every journey come its own set of challenges. Pilar acknowledges that obstacles are a natural part of life, as they offer invaluable lessons. Rising above difficulties, learning from mistakes, and constantly striving for growth are the key elements that have shaped her resilient spirit.

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Equality of Opportunity

Amid discussions about gender disparities and societal hurdles, Pilar offers a different perspective based on her experiences. Through her work in various domains alongside men, she firmly believes that opportunities should be equal for both genders. Pilar emphasizes that individuals should showcase their abilities and qualifications, irrespective of gender, to make a difference.

While there may be fewer women occupying high-level administrative positions in sports, those who do stand out. Pilar advises aspiring women to ensure they are well-prepared through education, seeking guidance from experienced individuals, and embracing the “University of Life.” She recognizes that life is not solely about textbooks but also about interacting with those who possess invaluable real-world experiences.

Empowering Women in Sports

The participation of women in the sports industry is continuously growing. Women now take on roles as athletes, coaches, technical officials, and administrators, reshaping the landscape of Pan-American sport.

Pilar takes immense pleasure in witnessing the increasing number of young women who are actively involved in the sports industry. This shift opens doors for more coaches, technical officials, and high-performance athletes. She extends her heartfelt gratitude to the mothers and fathers who provide their daughters with opportunities, support their aspirations, and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Badminton Pan America is not just an organization; it represents a community where individuals unite through their shared love for the sport. Pilar Carrillo’s journey and commitment exemplify the power of determination, resilience, and passion. Through her work, she continues to make a lasting impact, contributing to the growth and development of badminton across the Pan-American region.

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Q: How did Pilar Carrillo become involved in badminton?

A: Pilar Carrillo’s involvement in badminton began when she volunteered at the Badminton Commission of the Regatas Lima Club. This led to an invitation from the president of the Peruvian Badminton Federation to serve as the General Secretary on the board. Subsequently, she became the Technical Coordinator of Badminton at the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD), gradually immersing herself in the administrative aspects of the sport.

Q: What challenges did the Badminton Pan-American Confederation face with Spanish-speaking countries?

A: The Badminton Pan-American Confederation primarily operated in English, which created a language barrier with Spanish-speaking countries. However, this challenge was effectively addressed when Pilar Carrillo was hired to facilitate communication between the organization and the Spanish-speaking nations.

Q: How has Pilar Carrillo’s involvement in badminton impacted her life and career?

A: Badminton holds a deep personal significance for Pilar Carrillo. Her parents played the sport, and she herself competed at a high level. Furthermore, her professional journey in the sport has enabled her to contribute to something she is deeply passionate about. Pilar finds fulfillment in her work, has met incredible individuals, and feels recognized and appreciated for her contributions.


Pilar Carrillo’s involvement in badminton spans various roles and arenas. From her early days as a volunteer to her current position as the Chief Operating Officer of Badminton Pan America, she has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the sport. Pilar’s journey reflects her deep-rooted love for badminton and her relentless pursuit of opportunities. As a trailblazer for women in sports, Pilar continues to make a significant impact, fostering growth and empowerment within the Pan-American badminton community.