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Staying Sharp: HS Prannoy’s Journey to Overcome COVID-19’s Effects on Badminton Performance

Prannoy has had to battle the aftereffects of Covid.

Stung by COVID-19’s long-lasting impact, HS Prannoy, a prominent Indian badminton player, has faced numerous challenges to maintain his competitive edge. Prannoy contracted COVID-19 in November 2020, and while he recovered, the aftereffects of the virus have lingered on. One of the peculiarities of his infection was its impact on the lining of his lungs, which affected his performance during matches and training. Traditional medication proved ineffective, leading Prannoy to explore alternative methods of healing, such as specialized breathing exercises. However, his main challenge was finding experts who could guide him through this recovery process.

Finding Solutions and Celebrating Victories

Given these circumstances, Prannoy had much to celebrate after his success in the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2021. He reached the third round after defeating Liew Daren. Recent weeks have provided room for optimism, especially following his victory over Viktor Axelsen, which secured his spot in the quarterfinals of the Indonesia Masters.

Prannoy shared, “I had to find my own solutions. I had to go places, take flights, meet people, and find what’s working and not working. It has been mentally and physically challenging. I have been trying everything on and off the court, but still, there were difficulties in playing.”

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Overcoming the Lingering Effects

After seeking medical assistance and ruling out any muscle-related issues, Prannoy learned that it was the inflammation in the lining of his lungs caused by COVID-19 that was affecting him. Traditional medication was not recommended, so he turned to breathing exercises as a form of therapy. With time, he has experienced slight improvements. Beating Viktor Axelsen, an extremely consistent player, was a significant milestone for Prannoy. The victory served as validation that his efforts were paying off, providing him with extra motivation to continue his journey to full recovery.

Mental Challenges and Handling Opponents

In the championship, Prannoy faced mental challenges, particularly during his matches against Ng Ka Long Angus and Liew Daren. Staying focused throughout the entire match was difficult, as he knew his opponents would have their moments of brilliance. However, Prannoy recognized the importance of not fighting back against those spells and maintained his mental composure. He acknowledged that in such conditions, where shuttles are good, it’s crucial to keep them in play and not give away easy points in the early stages of a rally. Prannoy’s physical and mental preparation paid off, and he was satisfied with his performance against Liew Daren.

Looking Ahead and Staying Confident

Prannoy’s journey is far from over, with tougher opponents awaiting him in future matches. He emphasized the importance of focusing on recovery, trusting that the game itself will take care of the rest. Prannoy has gained confidence in his abilities since the Indonesia Masters, where he experienced a challenging first match that ultimately boosted his self-assurance. Despite setbacks, such as a previous back injury during the European season, Prannoy is feeling good and optimistic about what lies ahead.

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Q: How did HS Prannoy overcome the effects of COVID-19 on his badminton performance?

A: Prannoy had to find his own solutions and explore alternative healing methods such as specialized breathing exercises. He sought experts’ guidance to aid in his recovery from the lingering effects of COVID-19.

Q: What achievements has HS Prannoy celebrated recently?

A: Prannoy reached the third round of the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2021 by defeating Liew Daren. He also secured a spot in the quarterfinals of the Indonesia Masters after beating Viktor Axelsen.

Q: How did HS Prannoy handle the mental challenges of playing against tough opponents?

A: Prannoy maintained mental composure by not fighting back against his opponents’ spells of brilliance. He recognized the importance of staying focused and not giving away easy points early in the match.

Q: What is Prannoy’s outlook for the future?

A: Prannoy understands that future matches will become tougher, but he remains confident. He believes that focusing on recovery is essential, as the game itself will take care of the rest.


HS Prannoy’s journey to overcome the effects of COVID-19 on his badminton performance is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. Despite the challenges he has faced, Prannoy has found his own solutions and remained focused on his recovery. His recent achievements in the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2021 and the Indonesia Masters serve as testaments to his dedication and hard work. With a positive outlook for the future, Prannoy continues to build his confidence and strive for excellence in the world of badminton.

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