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BWF Celebrates Milestone Implementation of Shuttle Time Program

Shuttle Time

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is proud to announce the successful implementation of its landmark 90th Shuttle Time program in the Philippines. With this achievement, BWF sets its sights on reaching 100 implementations by the end of this year. The program has been instrumental in introducing badminton to new countries and ensuring the delivery of teachers’ courses in various regions.

Expanding the Reach

The BWF recently introduced the Shuttle Time program to Portugal and Scotland, and now plans to bring it to Cameroon, Ecuador, India, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Wales. This growth is a testament to the dedication of continental confederations, member associations, and equipment manufacturers who have supported the program. The goal is to establish Shuttle Time in 100 member associations worldwide.

Sustaining and Supporting

While expanding its reach, the BWF also remains committed to sustaining and supporting ongoing Shuttle Time projects that have been active for two or three years. Trainers and tutors provide valuable feedback to ensure the continuous improvement and success of the program. This approach allows the BWF to manage different phases of Shuttle Time development across the globe effectively.

Philippines Takes the Spotlight

The Philippine Badminton Association celebrated being the 90th country to implement the Shuttle Time program. With 84 Filipino teachers trained by Shuttle Time Coordinator Ian Gil Piencenaves, badminton is now being introduced to children in schools and communities across the country. The program is seen as a crucial first step in cultivating a love for the sport among young children.

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Making Badminton Popular Worldwide

With 182 member associations, the BWF is determined to make badminton the world’s most popular sport in schools. One of the driving forces behind this mission is the availability of free online resources, as well as the accessibility of Shuttle Time in 17 languages. These resources have been further enhanced with the recent addition of Albanian and Serbian versions. Additionally, the BWF Equipment Donation Project has played a significant role by providing much-needed equipment to countries developing badminton.

Creating Opportunities for All

The BWF’s commitment to spreading badminton extends beyond the implementation of Shuttle Time programs. The introduction of the Equipment Donation Project has allowed established badminton nations to donate rackets, shuttles, nets, and clothing to countries in need. These donations, generated through public collections during BWF-sanctioned tournaments, have helped bridge the gap and enable more children worldwide to experience the joy of badminton.

Shuttle Time Tutors' Training


Q: What is the Shuttle Time program?
A: The Shuttle Time program is a grassroots development initiative of the Badminton World Federation. It aims to introduce badminton to children in schools and communities, providing them with safe and fun lessons.

Q: How many member associations have implemented the Shuttle Time program?
A: Currently, the program has been implemented in 90 member associations, with the goal of reaching 100 by the end of this year.


The success of the Shuttle Time program continues to grow, with new implementations taking place worldwide. Thanks to the dedication of the BWF, continental confederations, member associations, and equipment manufacturers, badminton is becoming increasingly accessible to children around the globe. By nurturing the love for the sport at an early age, the BWF is paving the way for a bright future for badminton worldwide.

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For more information about the BWF and its Shuttle Time program, visit Carnegiecentre.