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After a brief hiatus, the HSBC BWF World Tour returns with the YONEX Canada Open 2023, taking place in Calgary. This 66-year-old tournament, previously a Super 100 event, now assumes the status of a Super 500 tournament.

Get ready for the excitement by brushing up on the latest updates and insights.

England’s Historic Achievement and Japan’s Dominance

In 2004, England made history by winning all five categories in a single year. This time, Japan stands out as the only nation with seeded players in every discipline.

Unpredictability at the Start

Surprisingly, none of the top seeds – Akane Yamaguchi, Takuro Hoki/Yugo Kobayashi, Chiharu Shida/Nami Matsuyama, or Yuta Watanabe/Arisa Higashino – have managed to secure victories in their respective events.

Potential Back-to-Back Champions

If Ayato Endo and Yuta Takei successfully defend their title, they will become the first men’s doubles duo to achieve back-to-back wins since Canadians William Milroy and Mike Beres in 2006-2007.

Women’s Doubles Dominance

In the past five editions of the tournament, only Australian and Japanese pairs have emerged as winners in the women’s doubles category.

Japan’s Mixed Doubles Drought

Japan’s longest interval without a victory is in the mixed doubles category. Their last win dates back to 2012, achieved by Ryota Taohata and Ayaka Takahashi.

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A Decade of Varied Champions

With the exception of Michelle Li, no player or pair has managed to win consecutive titles since the beginning of the last decade in 2010.

Michelle Li’s Remarkable Feat

Michelle Li holds the distinction of being the only shuttler to win three consecutive titles in this century, achieving this feat from 2014 to 2016. Another victory would cement her status as the most successful women’s singles player in Canada Open history, currently tied on five titles with compatriot Marjorie Shedd.

Pusarla V. Sindhu’s Historic Opportunity

A win by Pusarla V. Sindhu would make her the first Indian women’s singles champion in the tournament’s history.

Hong Kong China’s Men’s Singles Prospects

Although Hong Kong China has never clinched the men’s singles title, they have two seeded players, Lee Cheuk Yiu (6) and Ng Ka Long Angus (8), who possess the potential to make a mark. Ng has finished as the runner-up twice before (2014, 2015).

Indonesian Hopes Rest on Ahsan/Setiawan

The only Indonesian pair competing in the tournament, Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan, could end their country’s 13-year drought if they emerge victorious. Indonesia’s last men’s doubles champion was Taufik Hidayat in 2010.

Thailand’s Pursuit of Victory

Thailand has two seeded women’s pairs – Rawinda Prajongjai/Jongkolphan Kititharakul and Benyapa Aimsaard/Nuntakarn Aimsaard – but they are yet to win the women’s doubles category. Additionally, Thailand has not secured the men’s singles title for almost half a decade since Bandid Jaiyen’s triumph in 1976.

Standout Stat: Diversity on the Podium

The past two editions of the tournament have witnessed a total of nine different national flags on the top step of the podium, highlighting the unpredictability and global nature of the competition.

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Ayako Sakuramoto/Rena Miyaura
Ayako Sakuramoto and Rena Miyaura are among the recent Japanese winners in the tournament.


1. Which nation has won all five categories in a single year at the BWF World Tour?
England achieved this historic feat in 2004.

2. Which nation has players seeded in every discipline at the YONEX Canada Open 2023?
Japan stands out as the only nation with seeded players in every discipline at this year’s tournament.

3. Who are the top seeds at the YONEX Canada Open 2023?
The top seeds are Akane Yamaguchi, Takuro Hoki/Yugo Kobayashi, Chiharu Shida/Nami Matsuyama, and Yuta Watanabe/Arisa Higashino.


The YONEX Canada Open 2023, now upgraded to a Super 500 event, promises a thrilling return to the HSBC BWF World Tour. With England’s past achievements, Japan’s dominant presence, and the prospect of new champions emerging in various categories, badminton enthusiasts can look forward to an action-packed tournament. Stay updated with the latest results and enjoy the excitement of the sport!

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