Friday, 17 May 2024

BWF Olympics: An Inside Look at France’s Badminton Revolution

In this exclusive interview, France head coach Fernando Rivas shares insights on the exciting developments in sports science, the changing landscape of training systems, and his vision to make France a top-five world power in badminton.

The Power of Sports Science

Rivas highlights the crucial role of sports science in maximizing player potential. As a coach, his focus is on managing the scientific aspects of training, leveraging the expertise of specialists to enhance player performance. He mentions ongoing research in heat training and the impact of the heart on adaptations, emphasizing the importance of asking the right questions and finding innovative solutions.

Changing Training Systems

Contrary to the traditional view of Asia’s training systems, Rivas acknowledges the changing dynamics. He mentions the influence of science from countries like the UK and the presence of international physical trainers, contributing to a shift in training methods. Rivas believes that his team’s success has played a part in driving this change and welcomes this evolution in how badminton is approached globally.

Leveling the Playing Field

Rivas reflects on his own experience, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and adaptation. He emphasizes the importance of challenging traditional systems, especially when they no longer yield results. Rivas recognizes the difficulty faced by established champions, like China, in implementing significant changes. However, he asserts that a willingness to question and adapt is essential for long-term success.

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The Rise of French Badminton

With a talented pool of players across all categories, Rivas sees France as a powerhouse in Europe. His ultimate goal is for France to compete with countries like Denmark on the European stage and make a mark on the global badminton scene. Rivas emphasizes the need for effective player and coach development, aiming to stabilize and improve the education and pathway for both.

Paris 2024: The Road Ahead

While Rivas acknowledges the potential for success in mixed doubles at the Paris 2024 Olympics, he emphasizes the importance of setting a strong foundation for long-term achievement. He believes in focusing on the process and ensuring a high-quality journey, which will ultimately position the team to fight for medals when the time comes.


Q: How important is sports science in badminton training?
A: Sports science plays a crucial role in maximizing player potential and enhancing performance. It allows coaches to leverage expert knowledge and innovative strategies to improve player adaptation and outcomes.

Q: Are training systems in Asia changing?
A: Yes, training systems in Asia are evolving. There is a growing influence of science from countries like the UK, and international trainers are also contributing to a shift in traditional approaches. This change reflects a global recognition of the need for innovative training methods.

Q: What are the goals for French badminton in the coming years?
A: France aims to establish itself as a top-five world power in badminton. The focus is on competing with countries like Denmark on the European stage and continuously improving player and coach education to ensure sustained progress.

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France’s badminton revolution, led by head coach Fernando Rivas, is driven by a commitment to sports science and a willingness to challenge traditional training systems. Rivas aims to make France a dominant force in global badminton, focusing on long-term development and laying the groundwork for success in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. With a talented pool of players and a dedication to continuous improvement, France is poised to establish itself among the top badminton nations in the world.

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