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Badminton Pan America

The journey of a badminton athlete ranked beyond the top 40 is undoubtedly challenging. Meet BR Sankeerth, currently the fourth highest-ranked Canadian at world No.81. Despite not having the benefits of sponsorship or state support like top players, Sankeerth continues to push forward in pursuit of success.

For Sankeerth, badminton is not just a sport; it’s a passion that he can’t give up on. The 23-year-old acknowledges the financial burden of his journey, stating, “It is expensive. I guess I’m in a tough situation to pay for all this, it’s not easy for sure.” Yet, he believes that quitting is not an option. He describes the sport as something that keeps him going and brings him happiness.

Originally hailing from Bangalore, India, Sankeerth moved to Canada with his family and transitioned into playing badminton in the Pan Am region. In 2019, he embarked on a worldwide journey to earn ranking points, participating in an impressive 31 tournaments, including countries like Cameroon, Mexico, and Pakistan.

To fund his endeavors, Sankeerth relies on coaching and other part-time work. He doesn’t have any sponsors yet, and he works hard to support himself financially. Despite the challenges, he remains motivated to compete and achieve his goals.

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Sankeerth’s dedication has already yielded some promising results, such as reaching the semifinals of the Pan Am Championships and the Mexican International Challenge, as well as finishing as the runner-up in the Lithuanian International. At the ongoing Sudirman Cup, he displayed his skills in a thrilling three-game match against Vladimir Malkov.

His ultimate aim is to accumulate enough ranking points to compete at the higher levels of the Tour. Sankeerth made the difficult decision to drop out of university, where he was studying chemistry, to focus entirely on badminton, with the Olympics just a year away. He believes in his talent and level of play but acknowledges the need to refine certain aspects of his game.

Sankeerth has relocated his training base to Bangalore, working with coach Jagadish Yadav, who instills belief in him every day. Looking ahead, he hopes to achieve the necessary results to break into the top 50 and secure entry into Super 300 and 500 tournaments.

While the pursuit of ranking points may be financially demanding for a self-funded player like Sankeerth, it’s not solely about the money. He finds satisfaction in his journey and the recognition he receives for his dedication. Seeing top players in action fuels his desire to reach their level.

As Sankeerth continues his pursuit of success in the badminton world, his determination, resilience, and unwavering passion serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.


Q: How does BR Sankeerth fund his badminton journey without sponsors?
A: BR Sankeerth supports himself by coaching and undertaking other part-time work to cover the expenses of his badminton career.

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Q: What were some of Sankeerth’s notable achievements in recent tournaments?
A: Sankeerth reached the semifinals of the Pan Am Championships and the Mexican International Challenge, as well as finishing as the runner-up in the Lithuanian International.

Q: How does Sankeerth plan to improve his ranking and compete at higher-level tournaments?
A: Sankeerth aims to accumulate sufficient ranking points to secure entry into Super 300 and 500 tournaments by consistently performing well in tournaments and lowering his world ranking.


Despite the financial challenges and lack of sponsorship or state support, BR Sankeerth, the fourth highest-ranked Canadian badminton player, continues to pursue his passion for the sport. His dedication to badminton drives him to overcome obstacles, balancing his studies, earnings, and game for a chance at success. Through coaching and other means of income, Sankeerth funds his journey, showcasing his talent and determination in numerous tournaments worldwide. His ultimate goal is to achieve higher rankings, allowing him to compete in prestigious tournaments. By staying true to his passion and constantly pushing himself, Sankeerth serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, proving that with unwavering dedication, dreams can be realized.