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Rachel Honderich is a talented badminton player from Toronto, Canada. With a specialty in singles, she has made a name for herself in the sport. In this article, we will dive into Rachel’s journey in badminton and learn more about her achievements, goals, and personal experiences.

Starting in Badminton and Early Success

Rachel’s passion for badminton began at a young age. She started playing when she was just 5 or 6 years old. Inspired by her mom, who played in a multi-sports club, Rachel found herself drawn to the game. She quickly fell in love with badminton and decided to pursue it seriously.

Tournament Success and International Travels

Rachel has participated in numerous tournaments, both nationally and internationally. With an impressive track record, she has competed in around 25 to 30 international tournaments. One of her notable achievements includes winning the bronze medal in the 2015 Pan Am Games. Additionally, she clinched victory in the Czech Republic International Series alongside her partner Michelle Li.

Through badminton, Rachel has had the opportunity to travel to many countries. She estimates that she has visited about 20 different countries across various continents. Although she has yet to visit Africa, it remains a destination she hopes to explore in the future.

Goals and Ambitions

As a dedicated badminton player, Rachel has set several goals for herself. She aspires to qualify for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and hopes to secure a spot in the Olympics in Tokyo. Additionally, she aims to break into the top 16 rankings worldwide. Her determination and drive push her to constantly improve her skills and compete at the highest level.

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Balancing Academics and Athletics

While pursuing her badminton career, Rachel also manages her studies and coaching responsibilities. She is currently studying kinesiology at the University of Toronto, which demands her time and dedication. Additionally, Rachel works as a coach, teaching badminton to children at the club where she trains. Juggling these various commitments can be challenging, but Rachel remains focused and determined to succeed in all aspects of her life.

Commitment, Discipline, and Life Lessons

Rachel’s commitment and discipline are key factors in her success. Setting achievable goals and striving to reach them has been a crucial aspect of her journey. While she acknowledges that winning every tournament is not possible, she learns from her mistakes and uses them to improve for the future. Rachel’s passion for badminton not only brings her sporting satisfaction but also grants her lifelong friendships, joy, happiness, and unforgettable experiences.

Beyond Badminton

When she’s not on the court, Rachel enjoys spending time with her friends and indulging in her favorite pastimes. Whether it’s watching movies or pursuing her hobbies, she cherishes the moments outside of badminton. These activities allow her to relax and appreciate the balance between her athletic career and personal life.

The Influence of Coaches and Representation

Throughout her badminton journey, Rachel has had the guidance of influential coaches. Her first coach was Mike de Belle, who played a pivotal role in her development as a player. Currently, she represents Lee’s Badminton, a club that supports her in achieving her goals and aspirations.

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The Growing Popularity of Badminton

Although badminton may be considered a low-profile sport in Canada, Rachel is enthusiastic about its growing popularity. Sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball dominate the country’s sporting landscape. However, she is thrilled to be a part of badminton’s expansion process and hopes to contribute to its increased recognition and participation in Canada.

Junior Pan Am Championships and Beyond

Rachel has participated in the Junior Pan Am Championships on multiple occasions, with her first experience taking place in the Dominican Republic. These tournaments have provided her with invaluable opportunities to compete at a high level and continue her growth as a player.


Q: When did Rachel Honderich start playing badminton?

A: Rachel started playing badminton when she was 5 or 6 years old. She was introduced to the sport through her mom, who played in a multi-sports club.

Q: What are Rachel’s goals as a badminton player?

A: Rachel aims to qualify for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, secure a spot in the Olympics in Tokyo, and reach the top 16 rankings worldwide.

Q: How does Rachel balance her academic pursuits with her badminton career?

A: Rachel is currently studying kinesiology at the University of Toronto while also working as a badminton coach. Balancing her studies, coaching responsibilities, and training can be challenging, but Rachel remains committed to excelling in all areas.

Q: What are some other hobbies or activities that Rachel enjoys?

A: Rachel loves spending time with her friends, watching movies, and engaging in activities that bring her joy and relaxation outside of badminton.

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Rachel Honderich, a talented badminton player from Toronto, Canada, has made her mark in the sport through hard work, dedication, and a passion for the game. She began playing at a young age and has since achieved significant success in both national and international tournaments. Rachel’s ambitions reach far, as she aspires to compete in prestigious events like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Despite the challenges of balancing academics, coaching, and training, Rachel remains committed and disciplined in her pursuit of excellence. Her love for badminton extends beyond competition, providing her with lifelong friendships, unforgettable experiences, and personal growth. Through her journey, Rachel aims to elevate the profile of badminton in Canada and inspire others to pursue their sporting dreams. To learn more about Rachel and follow her inspiring journey, visit