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Badminton: Chequeda De Boulet’s Inspiring Journey

Chequeda De Boulet, a medalist in the Carebaco Championships, hails from Trinidad and Tobago. She embarked on her Pan Am Circuit journey last year, determined to climb the rankings and gain valuable experience to pursue her dreams in badminton. De Boulet is driven to compete as frequently as possible, seeking her breakthrough moment. Transitioning from local competitions in Trinidad to the international tour has presented its challenges, but De Boulet remains focused on qualifying for major events, like the World Championships, through exceptional performances.

Competing as the sole representative from her country, De Boulet joined the Pan Am Circuit in 2022. Initially, it was a lonely experience, as she knew only a few players, primarily from the Caribbean. However, she found her balance, pushing herself outside her comfort zone, attending meetings, and coaching herself. This journey has allowed her to meet new people, broaden her horizons, and improve her game. At just 22 years old, De Boulet is currently ranked 30th in the Pan American rankings and aims to progress further.

Chequeda’s journey has been shaped by her admiration for players like Michelle Li, who started their solo travels to compete before establishing themselves on the world circuit. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) tour previously had fewer Canadian players, and Li’s story gives De Boulet hope, inspiring her to continue pushing for success.

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Tennis was Chequeda’s initial sport of choice, but fate led her to badminton. Recognizing the potential to achieve greatness for herself and her country, she joined a local badminton club at age thirteen. Since then, she has dedicated herself to the sport, participating in national and regional tournaments in the Caribbean.

Despite her sporting commitments, Chequeda manages to excel academically as well. She studies treasury accounting, benefiting from a flexible program that enables her to balance her studies and competitions effectively. By organizing her lectures and exams around her tournament schedule, she maximizes her time to invest in both her education and badminton career.

Chequeda also enjoys documenting her sports journey on YouTube, sparking interest in badminton and sharing her tournament experiences with a wider audience. Her YouTube channel, “@quedadeboulet,” serves as a unique platform to showcase the sport to those unfamiliar with it.

Throughout her journey, Chequeda has received tremendous support from her family. Their unwavering belief and financial backing have played a pivotal role in her success. As badminton is not widely popular in her country, the resources provided by her parents have allowed her to continue pursuing her sporting dreams.

Chequeda De Boulet’s inspiring journey exemplifies passion, determination, and the pursuit of excellence in badminton. Her dedication to the sport, commitment to her studies, and showcasing her experiences on YouTube make her an inspiration to aspiring athletes. With her sights set on climbing higher in the rankings and achieving more significant milestones, De Boulet’s journey in badminton is one to watch, full of promise and potential.

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Q1. What are some of Chequeda De Boulet’s achievements in badminton?
A1. Chequeda De Boulet has earned a medal in the Carebaco Championships and currently holds the 30th rank in the Pan American rankings.

Q2. How does Chequeda manage her academic commitments alongside her badminton career?
A2. Chequeda studies treasury accounting and benefits from a flexible program that allows her to attend lectures online and schedule exams around her tournaments. This flexibility enables her to balance her studies and competitions effectively.

Q3. How does Chequeda document her sporting journey?
A3. Chequeda documents her experiences on her YouTube channel, “@quedadeboulet.” Through her videos, she shares the lesser-known sport of badminton and offers insights into her tournament journeys.


In the world of badminton, Chequeda De Boulet from Trinidad and Tobago has made her mark. Rising through the ranks, she competes in the Pan Am Circuit, striving to achieve her dreams while representing her country. Despite the challenges of transitioning to international competitions, De Boulet remains determined, aiming to qualify for major events like the World Championships through stellar performances. Inspired by seasoned players like Michelle Li, she continues to push boundaries and expand her game. At just 22 years old, De Boulet’s progress is impressive, and she aspires for even greater success. Off the court, she manages her studies in treasury accounting alongside her badminton career, showcasing her experiences on YouTube to promote the sport. Supported by her devoted family, De Boulet’s journey illustrates passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. With her sights set on further achievements, she is a rising star in the world of badminton.

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