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Badminton Pan America

Outstanding Canada’s Coach, Jennifer Yiu Yiu Lee, has had the opportunity to share her experience and knowledge with players and coaches in various events she has participated in. Whether directing her athletes in tournaments or speaking at coaching conferences, Lee’s impact on the sport of badminton is undeniable.

Early Beginnings and Love for the Game

Jennifer Lee’s journey in badminton started in her native country, Hong Kong, where she was introduced to the sport as a child. Her family member taught her how to play, and after a few years, she won her first tournament, igniting her path to success.

The Importance of Learning and Sharing

Formally learning badminton became a priority for Jennifer, prompting her to seek out a good coach. Through perseverance and dedication, she achieved her first win at the Hong Kong U15 WS. The skills she developed through badminton have translated into valuable life lessons, such as perseverance, discipline, positivity, and taking risks.

Coaching and Owning Her Own Club

As the owner of her own club, Jennifer Lee serves as the Head Coach for different level Teams at the Club. She also contributes to the development of badminton in Canada, working with Badminton Canada when needed. Her passion for the sport extends beyond personal goals, as she aims to make badminton a mainstream sport in Pan American countries, raise the international rankings of Pan Am players, and foster the growth of talented coaches.

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Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Others

Lee’s journey to success has not been without its challenges. Financing her badminton club was initially difficult due to the unconventional nature of coaching badminton full-time. However, her determination and belief in the sport led her to start small and grow over time. Today, her students include the children and even grandchildren of those she taught 30 years ago. Jennifer encourages others to persevere and hold onto their passions, as the returns are priceless.

Paving the Way for Female Coaches

Jennifer Lee recognizes the progress in supporting female coaches in sports, but also acknowledges the obstacles she had to overcome. Being assertive as a woman was often perceived as being aggressive, and choosing a career in sports instead of raising a family was seen as unconventional. Language barriers also posed an initial challenge. Despite these difficulties, Lee persevered and credits her mentors and supporters for guiding her throughout her journey.

Empowering Women in Sports

With the increasing awareness of gender equality and support for women in sports, Jennifer Lee encourages all women to approach opportunities with an open mind. Understanding that many individuals genuinely want to support women but may not know how, she believes in actively communicating needs and working together to achieve success. Her message to women in sports is to be bold, proud, and pursue their passions with unwavering dedication.


Can anyone learn badminton and become successful?

Absolutely! Badminton is a sport that can be learned by anyone. With the right coaching, dedication, and practice, anyone can achieve success in badminton.

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How can I improve my badminton skills?

Improving your skills in badminton requires consistent practice, proper coaching, and a passion for the game. Work on your technique, footwork, and strategy, and don’t be afraid to seek guidance from experienced coaches.

Are there opportunities for coaching and development in badminton?

Yes, there are numerous opportunities for coaching and development in badminton. Local clubs, national associations, and international tournaments often provide avenues for coaches to grow and expand their knowledge in the sport.


Jennifer Yiu Yiu Lee, an outstanding coach in Canada, has made a significant impact on the sport of badminton. Her journey from learning the game in Hong Kong to becoming a successful coach and club owner showcases her determination and passion for the sport. Jennifer’s experiences and challenges have shaped her into a mentor and advocate for supporting women in sports. Through her guidance and perseverance, she hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world of badminton.

To learn more about Jennifer Yiu Yiu Lee and her journey in badminton, visit the Carnegiecentre website. Start your own badminton journey today and unlock the benefits of this exciting sport!