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Nozomi Okuhara’s Incredible Journey at Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open

Nozomi Okuhara, a former World Junior champion and an inspiration to many, continues to impress at the Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open. In the Women’s Singles semi-finals, she faced off against her compatriot Akane Yamaguchi and emerged as the victor.

Despite Yamaguchi’s strong performance at the China Open, she was unable to match Okuhara’s brilliance on the court. Okuhara, who had battled through two major knee injuries and even struggled with depression during her recovery, showcased her determination and skill by defeating Yamaguchi with a score of 21-15, 21-11.

Okuhara’s next opponent is Spaniard Carolina Marin, who dominated Tee Jing Yi of Malaysia in her quarter-final match. The other semi-final will feature Tai Tzu Ying from Chinese Taipei against Liu Xin from China.

Tai Tzu Ying’s Impressive Performance

Tai Tzu Ying delivered one of her best performances of the year, securing her second World Superseries appearance by defeating the in-form Saina Nehwal. Despite battling with the flu she had caught at the China Open, Tai displayed her authority on the court from the very beginning. Nehwal, known for her fighting spirit, was unable to anticipate Tai’s dazzling strokes and found herself overwhelmed by Tai’s exceptional play.

Looking back on the match, Tai said, “I’m still suffering from the flu I had last week at the China Open, but I played better than in China. There was good support from the fans here, and I wanted to end the year on a high as I wanted to qualify for the BWF Destination Dubai World Superseries Finals.”

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Nehwal, acknowledging her defeat, admitted, “I was quite tired. I tried to push myself, but my body was not reacting to my mind. She’s a dangerous player with a lot of variety. Winning the China Open was tiring. Overall, I’ve had a good season and played well in most of the tournaments.”

Srikanth Kidambi’s Impressive Run

In Men’s Singles, Srikanth Kidambi made it to his second consecutive semi-final with a dominant victory over Hong Kong’s Nan Wei. Kidambi’s strategic control of the pace and his ability to lure Nan Wei into his traps resulted in a convincing win. However, a tough challenge awaits Kidambi in the form of World champion Chen Long of China in the semi-finals. On the other side of the draw, Jan O Jorgensen of Denmark and Son Wan Ho of Korea will battle it out for a spot in the final.

Exciting Matches in Doubles

In the Men’s Doubles category, Mads Pieler Kolding and Mads Conrad-Petersen emerged victorious in an all-European battle against Vladimir Ivanov and Ivan Sozonov. They will now face No.2 seeds Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia in the semi-finals. China’s Liu Xiaolong and Qiu Zihan also secured their spot in the next round after a grueling match against Maneepong Jongjit and Nipitphon Puangpuapech of Thailand.

In the Women’s Doubles, Asian Games champions Greysia Polii and Nitya Krishinda Maheswari showcased their resilience in a marathon match against Japan’s Miyuki Maeda and Reika Kakiiwa. Polii’s jump smashes proved to be the game-changer, propelling them to victory. They now face Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo, another formidable Japanese duo, in the semi-finals.

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Chinese Dominance in Mixed Doubles

Three Chinese pairs secured their spots in the Mixed Doubles semi-finals: Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei (1), Xu Chen and Ma Jin (2), and Lu Kai and Huang Yaqiong (5). The defending champions, Chris and Gabrielle Adcock from England, also advanced to the semi-finals after defeating Korea’s Lee Yong Dae and Lee So Hee.

In Summary

The Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open has provided fans with thrilling matches and inspiring performances. Nozomi Okuhara’s incredible journey, Tai Tzu Ying’s impressive display, Srikanth Kidambi’s dominant run, and the fierce competition in the doubles categories have captivated fans around the world. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly await the semi-finals and the ultimate crowning of the champions. Stay tuned for more exciting badminton action!


Q: Who is Nozomi Okuhara?
A: Nozomi Okuhara is a former World Junior champion and a highly skilled badminton player from Japan. She has overcome significant obstacles, including major knee injuries and periods of depression, to make a remarkable comeback and establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Q: Who is Tai Tzu Ying?
A: Tai Tzu Ying is a talented badminton player from Chinese Taipei. Known for her exceptional skills and versatility on the court, she has had a successful career and is considered one of the top players in the world.

Q: Who is Srikanth Kidambi?
A: Srikanth Kidambi is an accomplished badminton player from India. He has impressed fans and experts alike with his skill, technique, and strategic play. Kidambi has consistently performed at a high level, making a name for himself on the international badminton stage.

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Q: Who are the favorites in the doubles categories?
A: There are several strong contenders in the doubles categories. In the Men’s Doubles, Mads Pieler Kolding and Mads Conrad-Petersen, Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan, and Liu Xiaolong and Qiu Zihan are among the favorites. In the Women’s Doubles, Greysia Polii and Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo, and other talented pairs are expected to put up a great fight. Finally, in the Mixed Doubles, Chinese pairs Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei, Xu Chen and Ma Jin, and Lu Kai and Huang Yaqiong are seen as strong contenders for the title.


The Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open has showcased exceptional badminton talent from around the world. Nozomi Okuhara’s remarkable journey, Tai Tzu Ying’s impressive performance, and Srikanth Kidambi’s dominant run have captured the attention of fans worldwide. The doubles categories have also witnessed intense matches and fierce competition. As the tournament progresses, fans await the thrilling semi-finals and the crowning of the new champions. Stay tuned for more thrilling badminton action and be sure to visit our website for the latest updates.

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