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BWF News – XIX Pan Am Championships 2014

The XIX Pan Am Championships 2014 came to a thrilling conclusion in Toronto yesterday, as the reigning champions in all five categories successfully defended their titles. Let’s dive into the highlights of the tournament and celebrate the impressive performances of these talented athletes.

Men’s Singles: Osleni Guerrero Emerges Victorious

Cuba’s Osleni Guerrero showcased his determination and skill in a gripping battle against USA’s Bjorn Seguin. After a closely contested first game, Seguin managed to secure a slight lead. However, Guerrero fought back in the second game, ultimately leveling the match and seizing the momentum. With an impressive display of power and agility, Guerrero clinched the Men’s Singles title in an intense 58-minute encounter.


Women’s Singles: Michelle Li Dominates

The all-Canada Women’s Singles final saw Michelle Li demonstrate her prowess as she breezed through the match against Rachel Honderich. Li, the favorite to win, maintained control throughout both games, leaving no doubt about her supremacy on the court. With an assertive performance, Li claimed the title in just 33 minutes.


Men’s Doubles: Adrian Liu/Derrick Ng’s Convincing Victory

Adrian Liu and Derrick Ng of Canada faced a seemingly tough challenge against USA’s Phillip Chew and Sattawat Pongnairat, who had pushed them to the limit during the team event final. However, the Canadian duo showcased their resilience, taking control of the match from the very beginning. In an unexpectedly smooth encounter, Liu and Ng secured the Men’s Doubles title in a swift 25 minutes.

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Women’s Doubles: Eva Lee/Paula Lynn Obanana Triumph

The Women’s Doubles final was filled with excitement as the top-seeded pair of Eva Lee and Paula Lynn Obanana from the USA faced off against Brazil’s Lohaynny and Luana Vicente. The Brazilians gave Lee and Obanana a scare in the opening game, but the experienced duo managed to regain control and assert their dominance in the second game. With skillful play and unwavering determination, Lee and Obanana claimed the Women’s Doubles title.


Mixed Doubles: Toby Ng and Alex Bruce’s Exhilarating Victory

The Mixed Doubles final kept spectators on the edge of their seats as Canada’s Toby Ng and Alex Bruce battled against USA’s Phillip Chew and Jamie Subandhi. In a closely fought match, Ng and Bruce showcased their chemistry and resilience, eventually emerging victorious after a thrilling three-game encounter.

Canada, USA, and Cuba: Champions United

Canada concluded the tournament with an impressive tally of three titles, while both the USA and Cuba secured one each. The athletes displayed exceptional skill, and the hard-fought matches showcased the rising level of badminton in the Pan American region.

In a post-match interview, Toby Ng expressed his gratitude for the home crowd support, which undoubtedly played a role in his and Alex Bruce’s victory. Ng also commended the efforts of his teammates, highlighting Andrew D’Souza’s upset victory against a seeded player and Rachel Honderich’s commendable performances in both singles and the team event doubles final. Ng acknowledged the potential for badminton to flourish in the Pan American region and hoped for increased exposure to further develop the sport.

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As badminton enthusiasts, it is truly inspiring to witness the rise of talented players like Michelle Li, who continue to put Canada on the badminton map. The XIX Pan Am Championships 2014 have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the sport, showcasing the immense potential and thrilling competition within the region.


Q: Where were the XIX Pan Am Championships 2014 held?
A: The XIX Pan Am Championships 2014 took place in Toronto.

Q: How many titles did Canada win in the tournament?
A: Canada claimed three titles in the XIX Pan Am Championships 2014.

Q: Who were the reigning champions in all five categories?
A: The reigning champions in all five categories successfully defended their titles in the XIX Pan Am Championships 2014.


The XIX Pan Am Championships 2014 treated us to incredible badminton action, showcasing the skill, determination, and passion of the athletes. With breathtaking performances and intense battles, the tournament highlighted the rising potential of the Pan American region in the world of badminton. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding efforts, and here’s to an even brighter future for the sport in the years to come.

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