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Ygor Coelho: Focusing on the Small Things for Olympic Success

Ygor Coelho, the rising star of Brazilian badminton, understands the importance of the small things on the path to Tokyo 2020. Despite his favela upbringing, Coelho has made significant progress in his quest to excel at the Olympics. In this article, we explore Coelho’s journey, his dedication to incremental improvement, and his recovery from hip surgery.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Since his triumphant performance at the Rio Olympics in 2016, Coelho has embraced change and realized the value of focusing on the details. Through his multi-disciplinary team, Coelho has honed his shape, built muscle, improved his diet and sleep, and prioritized mental training. Working with renowned coaches like Peter Gade and Nadya Lyduch has provided him with technical expertise and the opportunity to compete against the best players in the world. These small adjustments have brought him closer to his goals.

A Journey of Recovery

Last year, Coelho achieved modest success, including a gold medal at the Pan Am Games. However, recurring hip pain demanded attention, leading to a surgery that took place in July. With the Olympics postponed to the following year, Coelho can now focus on his recovery and return to peak condition. His determination to come back stronger is evident as he undergoes mobility exercises and strength training. Coelho’s primary objective is to contribute to his team’s success in the Danish league and perform at his best in Tokyo.

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A Player Transformed

Reflecting on his progress since Rio 2016, Coelho acknowledges the significant growth he has experienced. Training with esteemed badminton professionals like Peter Gade and Jesper Hovgaard in France elevated his game and helped him achieve a ranking of No.30 in the world. Additional support from the Olympic Committee, including a Danish coach, has further enhanced his skills and propelled him to the round of 16 at the World Championships in Nanjing. Victories at the South American Games and Pan Am Games have solidified his status as a top player.

The Difference Lies in the Details

Coelho pondered the qualities that differentiate the best players from the rest. He believes it’s the attention to detail, particularly in technique and physical fitness. The best players are complete athletes who excel even when exhausted. They maintain quality in their shots, lifts, and deceptive tactics throughout long matches. Coelho recognizes that his focus on quality, guided by his coach Nadya, has been instrumental in his improvement. Embracing this perspective has taken his game to new heights.


Q: How has Ygor Coelho’s journey in badminton been so far?
A: Ygor Coelho’s journey has been marked by steady progress and significant achievements. He has trained with renowned coaches, attained a world ranking of No.30, and won gold medals at the South American Games and Pan Am Games.

Q: What sets the best players apart from others in badminton?
A: According to Coelho, the small details make all the difference. Top players possess exceptional technique, physical fitness, and the ability to maintain quality play even when tired.

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Q: How has Coelho’s approach to badminton evolved over the years?
A: Coelho’s perspective on badminton has shifted thanks to his Danish coach and the emphasis on quality. He has improved his lifts, shots, and overall gameplay through a focus on precision and technique.


Ygor Coelho, the rising star of Brazilian badminton, is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement. Through small adjustments and a multi-disciplinary approach, Coelho has transformed his game and achieved remarkable success. Currently recovering from hip surgery, he remains dedicated to reaching peak performance for the Olympics. Coelho’s experience highlights the importance of attention to detail, both in technique and physical fitness, and serves as an inspiration for aspiring badminton players worldwide. For more updates on Ygor Coelho’s journey and the world of badminton, visit