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Badminton in Chile: Inspiring Development and Growth

Esteban Fuentes, a dedicated coach and manager in Chile, has been closely monitoring the growth of badminton in his country for several years. With a wealth of experience in various sports, Esteban now has the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise to further promote the sport of badminton.

Esteban’s journey in badminton began later in life, as he was initially focused on another sport. However, his passion for badminton led him to engage with the federative aspect of the sport and work with children. Today, Esteban is fully immersed in badminton, contributing in administrative and technical capacities, as well as in fostering mass participation.

As a coach, Esteban has set clear objectives for himself and is committed to taking actionable steps to achieve those goals. Like his peers, his aim is to continually improve and equip his athletes with the necessary tools to succeed. At the national level, Esteban strives to contribute ideas that will foster the holistic development of badminton.

Continual learning and professional development are crucial for any coach, allowing them to stay updated and explore new possibilities to enhance their work. Looking back on his journey, Esteban acknowledges that his accumulated knowledge could have had an even greater impact if he had acquired it earlier.

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Esteban emphasizes the importance of providing coaches, who are instrumental in development, with adequate resources at the right time. He recognizes the significance of timely knowledge for maximizing potential and regrets the lost opportunities that could have been otherwise realized. With the hope of rectifying this oversight, Esteban believes that, in a few years, a Pan-American concert with players excelling in various aspects of the sport can become a reality, a dream shared by many.

Badminton has enabled Esteban to achieve significant milestones, but his aspirations continue to evolve. He remains humble and driven to share his knowledge, benefiting those around him. His greatest dream in badminton is to offer resources and support to individuals striving to excel in the sport, both competitively and administratively. Esteban is committed to contributing to the badminton community and empowering others to fulfill their objectives and goals.

In his role with the Chilean Badminton Federation, Esteban is responsible for promoting the sport through the Shuttle Time Program, which has garnered considerable success, particularly in the university sector. The Shuttle Time University Program is a powerful methodology that has the potential to significantly contribute to the development of badminton in any country. With proper structure and implementation, this program can have a lasting impact, fostering growth and reaping developmental benefits.

For Chile, implementing the Shuttle Time University Program involved establishing a direct approach by engaging teachers who were already instructing subjects related to badminton. These teachers were invited to undergo badminton training, paving the way for the introduction of the program in their respective universities. In 2018, seven universities were incorporated, followed by an additional six in 2019.

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When asked about the boundaries of badminton’s diffusion, Esteban believes there are no limits. The aim is to continuously expand the program, while also providing ongoing opportunities for those who have already embraced badminton. Some professors are already undertaking internships, while others require further training. The growth potential is immense, and the goal is to continue nurturing and developing these individuals.

The impact of badminton in Chile and the wider region is undeniable, and its growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. Congratulations to Esteban Fuentes and his team for their outstanding work in promoting and developing badminton.

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