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Chen Yu Fei Takes the Badminton World by Storm

Chen Yu Fei’s outstanding performance throughout the year has earned her the coveted No.1 spot in the year-end BWF rankings. This remarkable achievement makes her the first Chinese player since Li Xuerui to reach the top position. Chen’s rise to the pinnacle of the sport is a testament to her hard work and exceptional skills.

Chen’s Journey to the Top

Starting the year ranked No.4, Chen maintained her position within the top 5 consistently. Her breakout moment came when she defeated two-time champion Tai Tzu Ying in the final of the All England tournament. This victory marked the beginning of her incredible winning streak.

Chen went on to claim titles at the Swiss Open, Australian Open, and Thailand Open. As the year progressed, she showcased her dominance by securing a hat-trick of victories at the Fuzhou China Open, Hong Kong Open, and the prestigious HSBC BWF World Tour Finals. Additionally, she played a crucial role in helping China regain the Sudirman Cup trophy.

A Competitive Field

Tai Tzu Ying, Akane Yamaguchi, and Nozomi Okuhara closely trail Chen in the rankings, adding to the intense competition among these talented players. The top 10 also includes Ratchanok Intanon, Pusarla V Sindhu, He Bing Jiao, Michelle Li, An Se Young, and Carolina Marin, all of whom consistently deliver exceptional performances.

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In the men’s singles category, there have been minimal changes in the top 10 rankings. Kento Momota, an 11-time title winner, solidified his position at the top. Chou Tien Chen and Olympic champion Chen Long follow at a distance. Notably, Anders Antonsen and Viktor Axelsen from Denmark, as well as Jonatan Christie and Anthony Ginting from Indonesia, are among the top contenders.

Thrilling Battles in Doubles

The men’s doubles rankings witnessed some exciting developments. Malaysian duo Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, who qualified for the World Tour Finals, made a significant leap of four spots to secure the eighth position. Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong, also from Malaysia, advanced to No.10, while Seo Seung Jae and Choi Solgyu, the Hong Kong Open champions, climbed to No.9.

In women’s doubles, Chen Qing Chen and Jia Yi Fan extended their lead over Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota, securing the top spot. This was made possible through their victory in Guangzhou, which propelled them to a significant 6,000-point advantage.

Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong continued their dominance in mixed doubles, firmly holding onto the No.1 position. Their outstanding performance and exceptional chemistry set them apart from their competitors. Wang Yi Lyu and Huang Dong Ping, also from China, follow closely behind.

Uniting Players from Across the Globe

The top 10 rankings of mixed doubles showcase the diversity of talent from seven different countries, including China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong China. However, the women’s singles category takes the lead in terms of national diversity, with players hailing from eight member associations, including China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Thailand, India, Canada, Korea, and Spain.

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  1. How did Chen Yu Fei achieve the No.1 ranking?
    Chen Yu Fei’s consistent performance and remarkable victories throughout the year propelled her to the top spot in the BWF rankings.

  2. Who are Chen Yu Fei’s closest competitors?
    Tai Tzu Ying, Akane Yamaguchi, and Nozomi Okuhara are among the top contenders vying for the No.1 spot.

  3. Which countries dominate the mixed doubles rankings?
    China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong China are all strongly represented in the top 10 rankings of mixed doubles.

  4. What sets Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong apart in mixed doubles?
    Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong’s exceptional chemistry and consistent performance have established them as the leading pair in mixed doubles.


Chen Yu Fei’s incredible rise to the No.1 spot in the BWF rankings showcases her exceptional talent and hard work. Her triumphs serve as an inspiration to aspiring badminton players worldwide. The competitive field and diversity among the top-ranked players further underscore the global appeal of this captivating sport. As badminton continues to thrive, fans can look forward to witnessing thrilling battles and witnessing new talents emerge on the court. Stay updated with the latest badminton news and insights at Carnegiecentre.