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Indonesia Celebrates Victory in the Thomas Cup and China Triumphs in the Uber Cup

Indonesia has claimed their first Thomas Cup victory in 19 years with a sensational 3-0 win over China in the final. In a thrilling showdown, China’s women also emerged triumphant in the Uber Cup, defeating defending champions Japan in Aarhus.

Road to the Final

China’s path to the Thomas Cup final included impressive victories over Thailand and Japan. Meanwhile, Indonesia showcased their mettle by eliminating Malaysia and hosts Denmark in the lead-up to the showpiece event. In the Uber Cup, China dominated the competition, not dropping a single set en route to the final. They overcame Chinese Taipei and Thailand to set up a fierce clash against Japan, who had emerged victorious against India and South Korea.

Thomas Cup Victory for Indonesia

Anthony Ginting displayed remarkable resilience in the opening singles match of the Thomas Cup. After narrowly losing the first game 18-21 to Guang Zu Lu, Ginting rallied and secured two consecutive games, with scores of 21-14 and 21-16, resulting in Indonesia’s first points on the board. The men’s doubles pairing of Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto, selected as Indonesia’s third choice pair for the final, proved to be a winning combination. They cruised to a straight-games victory over Ji Ting He and Hao Don Zhou, defeating the Chinese pair 21-12, 21-19, ultimately leading Indonesia to triumph. Jonatan Christie sealed the deal for Indonesia in the second men’s singles match, fending off a resilient Shi Feng Li to clinch the title. After winning the first game 21-14, Christie faced a tough challenge as Li leveled the score with a 21-18 victory in the second game. However, Christie maintained his composure and emerged victorious with a resounding 21-14 win in the final game, securing Indonesia’s first Thomas Cup victory since 2002 and their 14th title overall.

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China’s Success in the Uber Cup

In the Uber Cup final, China showcased their determination to improve on their previous bronze medal performance in 2018. They faced reigning champions Japan and emerged triumphant with a 3-1 victory. Japan started strongly, with Akane Yamaguchi securing a convincing win in the opening singles match, defeating Chen Yu Fei 21-18, 21-10. However, China launched a remarkable comeback, starting with a thrilling victory in the first women’s doubles match. Chen Qing Chen and Yi Fan Jia engaged in an epic battle, winning the first game 29-27 against Yuki Fukushima and Mayu Matsumoto, both YONEX All England Open champions. Fukushima and Matsumoto fought back in the second game, securing a 21-15 win and forcing a decider. However, it was Chen and Jia who held their nerve, clinching a 21-18 victory and moving China one step closer to the title. The Uber Cup was ultimately secured by Dong Ping Huang and Wen Mei Li, who engaged in a fiercely contested match against Misaki Matsutomo and Nami Matsuyama, also former All England Open champions. In a tight battle, Huang and Li emerged victorious with a close 24-22, 23-21 win, securing the Uber Cup for China.


Q: How long has it been since Indonesia last won the Thomas Cup?
A: Indonesia’s victory in the Thomas Cup marks their first title in 19 years.

Q: Which country did China defeat in the Uber Cup final?
A: China triumphed over defending champions Japan in the Uber Cup final.

Q: Who were the key players in Indonesia’s Thomas Cup victory?
A: Anthony Ginting, Fajar Alfian, Muhammad Rian Ardianto, and Jonatan Christie played pivotal roles in Indonesia’s success.

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Indonesia celebrated a remarkable victory in the Thomas Cup, breaking their 19-year dry spell in the tournament. China, on the other hand, emerged victorious in the Uber Cup, showcasing their dominance in the women’s competition. The tournament witnessed intense battles and impressive performances by both teams. Anthony Ginting’s comeback in the opening singles match, Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto’s stellar performance in the men’s doubles, and Jonatan Christie’s resilience in the second men’s singles match were the key highlights of Indonesia’s journey to the Thomas Cup triumph. Meanwhile, China displayed their strength and determination throughout the Uber Cup, winning crucial matches in both singles and doubles disciplines. Chen Qing Chen and Yi Fan Jia’s remarkable victory in the women’s doubles and Dong Ping Huang and Wen Mei Li’s hard-fought triumph in the final match secured the Uber Cup for China. Overall, it was an exhilarating tournament that showcased the skill and passion of the participating teams.

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