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Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida’s impressive performance at the YONEX All England Open has fueled their aspirations to dominate women’s doubles in the future. Despite their defeat in the 2021 final, the world No.7 pair showcased their determination by clinching the title this year. They left no room for doubt as they overwhelmed Zhang Shu Xian and Zheng Yu in the final, securing a straight-set victory of 21-13, 21-9. Matsuyama and Shida’s dominance was evident throughout the tournament, as they did not drop a single set on their path to victory. Their consistent form and improvement over the course of the event highlight their potential to achieve even greater success.

Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Growth

In their quest for victory, Matsuyama and Shida faced fierce competition, including the newly-formed pairing of Zhang Shu Xian and Zheng Yu. Despite the challenges, Matsuyama and Shida were well-prepared, having thoroughly analyzed their opponents’ gameplay through video analysis and strategic planning. Their exceptional start in the final, where they held an 8-1 lead, set the tone for their dominance. Although their Chinese opponents briefly closed the gap in the first game, Matsuyama and Shida quickly regained control and sealed their triumph in just 41 minutes.

A Week of Unparalleled Performance

Matsuyama and Shida’s triumph at the YONEX All England Open was a testament to their extraordinary performance throughout the week. Their journey to the final was marked by consistency and sheer dominance, as they did not concede a single set to their opponents. Impressively, they limited their rivals to 13 points or fewer in their last three matches. Matsuyama credited their improvement over the course of the tournament for their success, reflecting the progress they have made individually and as a team.

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Shining Bright in a Competitive Field

The women’s doubles category at the All England Open witnessed numerous surprises, with Matsuyama and Shida being the only seeded pair to reach the semifinals. Despite not being the most high-profile names in the draw, their victory in Birmingham should not come as a surprise. They have consistently displayed outstanding form and fitness since the Tokyo Olympics, securing wins at the Super 750 Indonesia Masters and Super 1000 Indonesia Open in November. While they celebrate this significant achievement, Matsuyama and Shida are already setting their sights on future tournaments and higher goals.


Q: What were Matsuyama and Shida’s previous performances at the YONEX All England Open?

A: Matsuyama and Shida reached the final of the YONEX All England Open in 2021 but fell short, finishing as runners-up.

Q: How did Matsuyama and Shida prepare for their final match?

A: Matsuyama and Shida carefully studied their opponents by analyzing videos and implementing strategic plans to counter their gameplay.

Q: Did Matsuyama and Shida drop any sets throughout the tournament?

A: No, Matsuyama and Shida did not drop a single set on their path to victory in the YONEX All England Open.


Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida showcased their dominance in women’s doubles at the YONEX All England Open. Their victory in the final against Zhang Shu Xian and Zheng Yu solidified their position as a formidable pair in the badminton world. Throughout the tournament, Matsuyama and Shida displayed exceptional skill and consistency, not dropping a single set on their way to the title. Their triumph reflects their continuous improvement and sets the stage for future success. As they aim higher and dream bigger, Matsuyama and Shida’s journey is one to watch in the world of women’s doubles badminton.

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