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Cheah Liek Hou Triumphs Over Dheva Anrimusthi and Hafizh Briliansyah Prawiranegara in World Championships

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Cheah Liek Hou can finally celebrate a long-awaited victory against bogey pair Dheva Anrimusthi and Hafizh Briliansyah Prawiranegara. In an intense match, Cheah and his partner Muhammad Fareez Anuar clinched a 21-11, 19-21, 21-10 win in the SU5 men’s doubles event at the World Championships. This triumph marks Cheah’s first win over the Indonesians after suffering defeats in the semifinals and finals in previous years.

Learning from Past Matches

Reflecting on their victory, Cheah expressed his elation, stating, “It’s a great feeling to finally come out on top against them. I’ve been waiting for this moment to try and find a way past them. Now I can finally put the ghost to bed.” Anuar agreed, emphasizing the importance of their attacking strategy. He added, “In the second game, the Indonesians changed their strategy, and we felt lost. In the third game, we played our normal game and remained calm.”

Advancing to the Finals

Aside from the doubles event, Cheah has also secured a spot in the SU5 men’s singles final. He will face Chirag Baretha and Raj Kumar in his pursuit of another gold medal. The Indian duo faced a tough challenge from Li Mingpan and Shi Shenzhuo but emerged victorious with a 21-19, 18-21, 21-19 win.

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Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj Ends Lucas Mazur’s Reign

In the SL4 men’s singles semifinal, Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj defeated reigning champion Lucas Mazur to advance to the finals. Yathiraj’s determination to defeat Mazur stemmed from his loss to him in the Tokyo 2020 final. Yathiraj shared, “Because of the draws, I’ve not had the opportunity to play him the last few years. Because he’s very good at steep shots, I sparred with partners who were of the same height and did special drills to ensure I’d be able to defend against players like him. We have a bittersweet rivalry.”

Celebrating Sweet Revenge

Yathiraj’s victory over Mazur was a moment of sweet revenge for the Indian player. Yathiraj explained, “It’s sweet revenge. And that’s why I just let my emotions out after the last point. The celebration wasn’t planned.” His joyous celebration underscored the significance of his win.

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1. What was the score in Cheah Liek Hou and Muhammad Fareez Anuar’s victory over Dheva Anrimusthi and Hafizh Briliansyah Prawiranegara?

Cheah and Anuar secured a 21-11, 19-21, 21-10 win against the Indonesian pair.

2. Who will Cheah Liek Hou face in the SU5 men’s singles final?

Cheah will compete against Chirag Baretha and Raj Kumar in the SU5 men’s singles final.


Cheah Liek Hou’s long-awaited victory and Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj’s triumph over Lucas Mazur have added excitement to the World Championships. Both players showcased their determination and skills on the court. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the finals and the outstanding performances they are sure to witness.

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