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News | BWF Sudirman Cup

Indonesia’s Journey to Success at Sudirman Cup

Indonesia made an impressive debut at the Sudirman Cup, winning the inaugural title on their home soil in Jakarta. However, since then, they have fallen short at the ultimate hurdle in six finals. With the 18th edition of the Sudirman Cup just around the corner, the Indonesian team is eager to make history and go further than ever before.

Looking to Break a 34-Year Drought

“It’s been 34 years since Indonesia won the Sudirman Cup. It’s a long time,” says Jonatan Christie, currently ranked at world No.6 in men’s singles. The team sees this year as a great opportunity to bring home the coveted title. According to Christie, Indonesia has a strong team that excels in men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed events. However, he acknowledges that it won’t be an easy journey.

Tough Competition Ahead

Indonesia finds themselves in Group B, alongside Thailand, Germany, and Canada. Christie and his compatriot, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, will face formidable opponents such as Kunlavut Vitidsarn, Kai Schaefer, and Brian Yang. Ginting, fresh off his Badminton Asia triumph in Dubai, emphasizes the importance of staying focused and not underestimating the competition. The team must control their expectations and give their all in each match.

Ginting’s Confidence and Determination

Ginting reflects on his recent victory in Dubai, which he considers one of the biggest wins of his career. He feels satisfied with his performance and hopes to draw confidence from that experience. Ginting recognizes the significance of winning a major team event like the Sudirman Cup, especially considering the high expectations from Indonesian supporters. He hopes to replicate the success of the Thomas Cup victory in 2021 and bring the Sudirman Cup back home after 34 years.

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The Minions’ Longing for Success

Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, popularly known as the Minions, have had a challenging period. They slipped in rankings and haven’t played since January. However, they remain hopeful of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics and finally achieving the elusive medal they desire. Their main goal is to train hard and regain the form they had five years ago. The Sudirman Cup will mark their return to tournaments after a six-month break.

Closing Thoughts

Team Indonesia is determined to make their mark at the Sudirman Cup and end their long-standing drought. With a strong team, led by players like Jonatan Christie and the Minions, they have the potential to achieve great success. However, they are aware of the tough competition they face and the challenges that lie ahead. It will be an exciting tournament to watch, and fans can expect some thrilling badminton action.


Q: How many times has Indonesia won the Sudirman Cup?
A: Indonesia has won the Sudirman Cup once, on their home soil in Jakarta during the inaugural tournament. Since then, they have reached the finals six times but haven’t been able to secure another victory.

Q: What is the main goal for Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo?
A: The main goal for Gideon and Sukamuljo, also known as the Minions, is to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics and win a medal. They have faced challenges in recent months but remain determined to regain their top form and compete at the highest level.

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The Sudirman Cup has been an elusive title for Indonesia, with their last victory dating back 34 years. However, with a strong team and the determination to break the drought, the Indonesian players are ready to take on the challenge. Players like Jonatan Christie and the Minions are eager to make their mark and bring the Sudirman Cup back home. It won’t be an easy journey, as they face tough opponents from around the world, but Indonesia’s badminton stars are prepared to give their all. Stay tuned for an exciting tournament filled with action and suspense. For more information, visit the Carnegiecentre website.