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Carolina Marin and Pusarla V Sindhu Set for Rematch in TOTAL BWF World Championships

The finals day of the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 will witness a showdown between Carolina Marin and Pusarla V Sindhu, setting the stage for a rematch of their Rio Olympics title clash. This unexpected outcome disrupts the dominating narrative of China and Japan in the finals, with four out of five finals featuring players from these two countries. The performances of Spain’s Marin and India’s Pusarla in their respective semi-finals were exceptional, and both are on the cusp of creating history.

Marin and Pusarla: A Chance to Make History

Carolina Marin, after a hard-fought battle against China’s He Bingjiao, emerged victorious with a score of 13-21 21-16 21-13. Pusarla, on the other hand, overcame a challenging opponent in Akane Yamaguchi from Japan, with a score of 21-16 24-22. Tomorrow’s final holds immense significance for both players. A win for Marin would make her the first triple-titlist in Women’s Singles, while Pusarla has the opportunity to become India’s first-ever World champion.

It is worth noting that both players have faced defeat at the hands of the same opponent in previous major finals. Pusarla lost to Yamaguchi in the Dubai World Superseries Finals and Nozomi Okuhara in the last year’s World Championships final. Today, Pusarla showcased her skills and prevented Yamaguchi from dragging her into long baseline duels, using the half-smash to great effect. The Japanese player, however, regrouped in the second game and gained a significant lead. But Pusarla displayed resilience and managed to string together eight consecutive points, sealing her victory in straight games.

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“I had to be patient throughout the match. Okuhara and Yamaguchi are known for their ability to engage in long rallies, so I had to maintain consistency. Even when I was down in the second game, I knew it wasn’t over,” shared Pusarla, highlighting her determination to claim the World title.

Marin, a two-time champion, expressed her delight at reaching the final. She thrived in the lack of attention placed upon her throughout the week and fought not only against her opponent but also the home crowd support for He Bingjiao. Marin is fully focused on the final and intends to stick to the strategy prepared by her team.

A Chance for Japan’s Men to Make History

While Japan’s women’s players have been dominating the headlines, it’s now the men’s turn to create history. Kento Momota in the Men’s Singles and Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda in the Men’s Doubles have become the first players from Japan to reach the World Championships finals in their respective categories. Both finals will feature Chinese opponents, with Momota facing Shi Yuqi and Kamura/Sonoda going up against Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen.

In the Men’s Singles semi-final, Momota comfortably defeated Liew Daren from Malaysia, who was not fully fit due to an ankle injury sustained in the quarter-finals. Momota’s length and ability to find his rhythm proved too much for his opponent, resulting in a score of 21-16 21-5.

The Men’s Doubles semi-finals were also one-sided affairs. Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda faced a tough challenge from Chinese Taipei’s Chen Hung Ling and Wang Chi-Lin in the opening game but managed to secure a victory with a score of 21-17 21-10. Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen prevented Zhang Nan, a four-time World champion, from advancing to the finals by defeating him and Liu Cheng in the semi-finals, with a score of 21-15 21-13.

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  • What is the significance of the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018?
    The TOTAL BWF World Championships is one of the most prestigious badminton tournaments in the world, where players from different countries compete for the World title.

  • Who are the players to watch out for in the Women’s Singles final?
    The Women’s Singles final will feature Carolina Marin from Spain and Pusarla V Sindhu from India. Both players have a chance to create history with a victory.

  • Which Japanese players have reached the finals?
    Kento Momota in the Men’s Singles and Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda in the Men’s Doubles have become the first players from Japan to reach the finals in their respective categories.


The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 has been filled with thrilling matches and unexpected outcomes. Carolina Marin and Pusarla V Sindhu will face off in the Women’s Singles final, while Kento Momota and Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda will represent Japan in the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles finals respectively. These players have the chance to etch their names in the history books and bring pride to their countries. As badminton enthusiasts, we eagerly await the exhilarating finals and the crowning of the new World champions.

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