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News | BWF World Championships

A day ahead of beginning his Men’s Singles title defense at the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018, Viktor Axelsen had to address the challenges he faced against a formidable opponent. Axelsen, who made history last year by becoming the first European in 20 years to claim the Men’s Singles World title, has struggled against Japan’s Kento Momota, losing eight out of nine of their meetings.

Axelsen acknowledged Momota’s dominance and expressed his hope for a different outcome in their next encounter. He admitted feeling uneasy about playing against Momota and recognized the Japanese player’s skill and physicality. Despite the language barrier, Axelsen found Momota to be a nice person.

Looking beyond Momota, Axelsen anticipated a tough competition at the World Championships, with players like Shi Yuqi, Chen Long, and Lin Dan posing significant challenges. He emphasized the importance of taking each match as it comes, recognizing the difficulty in defeating any opponent depending on the day, situation, and conditions.

As the defending champion, Axelsen faced an ankle injury earlier in the season but has since recovered and claimed the European title. Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledged the setbacks caused by the injury but expressed confidence in his gradual improvement. Axelsen appreciated the venue and expressed his excitement for participating in the World Championships.

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In the Women’s Singles category, defending champion Nozomi Okuhara approached the tournament with a balanced mindset. While considering it a significant challenge, she refrained from setting high goals or expectations. Okuhara focused on psychological preparation and had an extensive training program to prepare for the tournament, despite the fatigue from multiple tournaments during the season.

Additionally, Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock, the sixth seeds in Mixed Doubles from England, gained valuable experience by training in Guangzhou following a series of tournaments in Southeast Asia. Their decision to establish a training base in Guangzhou was driven by the excellent facilities available, allowing them to maintain their form and preparedness.

The top-seeded Women’s Doubles pair, Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan from China, acknowledged the country’s dominant history in the event but remained unfazed by the burden of expectations. They emphasized the importance of approaching each match with a fresh mindset and mental preparation.

The seasoned champions, Chen Long in Men’s Singles and Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan in Men’s Doubles, were also present at the Championships and were aware of the challenges lying ahead.


1. Who is the defending champion in the Men’s Singles category?
Viktor Axelsen is the defending champion in the Men’s Singles category.

2. Who has been Viktor Axelsen’s toughest opponent?
Kento Momota from Japan has been Viktor Axelsen’s toughest opponent, defeating him eight times out of nine.

3. How does Viktor Axelsen feel about playing against Kento Momota?
Viktor Axelsen admitted feeling uneasy about playing against Kento Momota but sees it as a challenge to overcome.

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4. What challenges does Viktor Axelsen anticipate at the World Championships?
Viktor Axelsen expects tough competition from players like Shi Yuqi, Chen Long, and Lin Dan.

5. Has Viktor Axelsen recovered from his ankle injury?
Yes, Viktor Axelsen has recovered from his ankle injury and has since claimed the European title.


As the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 kick off, Viktor Axelsen prepares to defend his Men’s Singles title against a formidable opponent, Kento Momota. Despite Momota’s dominance, Axelsen remains determined and optimistic. The World Championships promise to be an exciting event, featuring top players from around the world competing for glory in their respective categories.