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After several close encounters, Pornpawee Chochuwong emerged victorious over Akane Yamaguchi in the quarterfinals of the Indonesia Open 2021, with a score of 21-6, 21-23, 21-11.

Chochuwong, who had not defeated Yamaguchi since the Total BWF Sudirman Cup in 2019, showcased great patience and determination in their latest match at the Bali International Convention Centre. Despite facing a formidable opponent, Chochuwong fought for every point, pushing herself to the limit after a series of tough matches.

“I felt good today,” expressed a relieved Chochuwong. “I kept fighting for each shot, trying not to worry too much because she returned every shot I played. It’s a great feeling to defeat Akane, as she’s known for her speed. She was leading at one point, but I persevered.”

Persistence proved to be the key in dismantling Yamaguchi’s game plan. The Japanese player had been in exceptional form, clinching titles at the YONEX French Open 2021 and the VICTOR Denmark Open 2021, while also reaching the final at last week’s DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2021.

“She was playing against my game plan. The key was to be patient,” revealed Chochuwong.

In the first game, Chochuwong dominated with a comfortable 21-6 lead, utilizing her style of placing shuttles in the four corners of the court. She maintained her game plan throughout, relentlessly pushing Yamaguchi to play into her strategy.

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The second game was a tense affair, and Chochuwong was outplayed by Yamaguchi. However, she dug deep and managed to turn the tide in the decider.

“I felt confident in my performance. I never gave up,” Chochuwong declared.

In the semifinals, Chochuwong, ranked 10th in the world, will face last week’s champion, An Seyoung. Despite losing in their previous two encounters, Chochuwong remains determined to give her best.

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  1. Who won the quarterfinals match between Pornpawee Chochuwong and Akane Yamaguchi?

    • Pornpawee Chochuwong emerged victorious, defeating Akane Yamaguchi with a score of 21-6, 21-23, 21-11.
  2. When was the last time Chochuwong defeated Yamaguchi?

    • Chochuwong’s previous win over Yamaguchi was at the Total BWF Sudirman Cup in 2019.
  3. What was the key to Chochuwong’s victory?

    • Chochuwong’s patience and persistence were crucial in breaking down Yamaguchi’s game plan.


In the quarterfinals of the Indonesia Open 2021, Pornpawee Chochuwong triumphed over Akane Yamaguchi after a hard-fought battle. Chochuwong’s patient and persistent approach proved effective in overcoming Yamaguchi’s skills, ultimately securing a spot in the semifinals. Facing last week’s champion, An Seyoung, in the next round, Chochuwong remains determined to give her best performance. Stay updated with the match progress by visiting the Match Centre.

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