Thursday, 23 May 2024

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The YONEX All England 2024 kicked off with an intense match between Catherine Choi/Josephine Wu and Annie Xu/Kerry Xu. This match held significant importance as it was not just the first round, but also a crucial battle for Olympic qualification and a Pan Am slot. Both teams were aware that the outcome would have a significant impact on their chances.

The Xu sisters, currently ranked 28th in the world, are 15th in the Race to Paris rankings. On the other hand, Choi and Wu, ranked 33rd, were trailing by just 2,172 points. Adding to the competition, another USA pair, Francesca Corbett/Allison Lee, were closely behind at No.34.

In an exhilarating three-game contest, Wu and Choi emerged as the victors. Their performance was commendable, as both players appeared visibly exhausted after the match.

Wu expressed the mental and physical toll the match had taken on them, stating, “Mentally and physically, it’s a double whammy. Winning today was crucial for us to catch up. We’re relieved and glad. We approached this match with everything we had, treating it as if it were our last.”

Adapting to the change in playing conditions from the slow halls of the YONEX French Open to the faster courts in Birmingham posed a challenge for both teams. Wu mentioned, “Last week was slow, and this week it’s faster, which works to our advantage. We struggle with slow halls. We were aware that they were catching up, so we had to keep pressing back.”

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Showing sportsmanship in defeat, the Xu sisters expressed their disappointment but remained philosophical. Annie Xu shared their mindset, saying, “It felt more like the semis or finals of the Pan American Championships than the first round. Playing against a top contender for the Olympic spot is nerve-racking. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with it. We really wanted to win, not just for ourselves but for our family and supporters.”

As the Olympic qualification deadline approaches, the pressure on the players is immense. Dealing with that pressure and not letting it affect their performance is something the Xu sisters are working on. They stated, “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get the outcome we hoped for, but at least we gave it our best.”

What Others Said

  • Ren Xiang Yu, whose name means ‘Flying in the Universe,’ exclaimed, “It’s a great start to the week. I absolutely feel like I am flying in the universe.”
  • Anders Antonsen faced some travel challenges, with delayed flights and lost luggage. However, he managed to triumph in his match, saying, “It’s been a crazy start, to be honest. I just received my luggage when I started my warm-up. Despite the chaos, I’m happy I got through this match comfortably.”
  • Rasmus Gemke reflected on his tough match against Shi Yu Qi, stating, “It was a fantastic match. I think I played one of my best matches in a long time. The quality was very solid, and I made him fight in all the games. I’ve been struggling with injuries, but I’m getting more solid training and stable legs at the moment, and I’m getting more comfortable on court.”
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  • Q: What was the importance of the match between Catherine Choi/Josephine Wu and Annie Xu/Kerry Xu?

    • A: The match held significance for Olympic qualification and a Pan Am slot.
  • Q: What were the rankings of the teams involved?

    • A: The Xu sisters were ranked 28th, while Choi and Wu were ranked 33rd.
  • Q: Who were the other contenders for Olympic qualification?

    • A: Francesca Corbett/Allison Lee were closely behind at No.34.