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World No.22 Nguyen Thuy Linh Creates Upset Victory at LI-NING China Masters 2023


In an exhilarating match at the LI-NING China Masters 2023, World No.22 Nguyen Thuy Linh caused a major upset by defeating fifth seed Carolina Marin in the opening round. This victory marks a significant moment in Nguyen’s career and showcases her exceptional skills and determination. Let’s delve into the details of this thrilling match and hear from the players themselves.

Nguyen Thuy Linh celebrates the big moment

A Remarkable Performance by Nguyen Thuy Linh

In their first-ever meeting on the court, Nguyen Thuy Linh displayed no signs of intimidation against the higher-ranked Marin. With great defensive abilities and unwavering nerves, Nguyen thwarted Marin’s attacks and turned the tide in her favor. Despite facing a 9-13 deficit in the third game, Nguyen fought back and leveled the score at 15-all. In a surprising turn of events, Marin seemed to lose her momentum, allowing Nguyen to claim victory with six consecutive points. The final scoreline of the match stood at 10-21, 21-19, 21-15.

Player Reactions

“I just wanted to try my best, and I knew she would attack a lot, so I had to defend and be patient while matching her speed,” said Nguyen Thuy Linh, reflecting on her strategy during the match. She expressed gratitude to everyone who supported her and pledged to give her best effort in every future match.

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Carolina Marin graciously acknowledged her defeat, acknowledging Nguyen’s superior performance. “I’m really frustrated that I could not control myself. I’m disappointed, of course. I think she played much better than me, as she didn’t make many mistakes. She fought for every point and displayed remarkable consistency throughout the game.”

Exciting Matches in the Women’s Singles Draw

While Nguyen’s victory took center stage, other matches in the women’s singles draw witnessed expected outcomes. Seeds like An Se Young, Chen Yu Fei, and He Bing Jiao progressed to the next round, setting the stage for further exciting matchups.

Kunlavut Vitidsarn

Intense Battle in the Men’s Singles

The clash between world champion Kunlavut Vitidsarn and Kidambi Srikanth proved to be another highlight of the tournament. Vitidsarn, still striving to reach his peak physical form, faced a tough challenge from Kidambi. After a grueling contest, Vitidsarn emerged victorious with a scoreline of 21-15, 14-21, 21-13.

Reflecting on the match, Vitidsarn humbly commented, “It was very difficult today. I was feeling the pressure, and he was playing well. I need to start from scratch and study other top players. It has been a while since I played, so I was feeling the pressure. I’m still working on myself, and I don’t feel fully fit. I will keep giving my best.”

Highlights and Upsets

Apart from the standout matches mentioned above, the battle between Olympic champions Lee Yang/Wang Chi-Lin and world champions Kang Min Hyuk/Seo Seung Jae provided spectators with an exhilarating contest. Ultimately, the Olympic champions emerged victorious with a score of 23-21, 19-21, 21-17.

In a surprising upset, mixed doubles third seeds Yuta Watanabe/Arisa Higashino fell to Ye Hong Wei/Lee Chia Hsin in a quick match that lasted only 32 minutes, with a score of 21-15, 21-14.

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The face-off between compatriots Lee Zii Jia and Ng Tze Yong ended in Lee’s favor after a grueling three-game battle. The final score stood at 21-15, 20-22, 21-17.


Q: Who caused a major upset at the LI-NING China Masters 2023?
A: World No.22 Nguyen Thuy Linh stunned the audience by defeating fifth seed Carolina Marin in the opening round.

Q: How did Nguyen Thuy Linh secure the victory?
A: Nguyen Thuy Linh exhibited outstanding defensive skills and unwavering nerves, fighting off deficits and ultimately triumphing over Marin with a scoreline of 10-21, 21-19, 21-15.


The LI-NING China Masters 2023 commenced with an exhilarating start as underdog Nguyen Thuy Linh claimed a remarkable victory over higher-ranked Carolina Marin. This match showcased the resilience, skill, and determination of athletes in the world of badminton. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly await further thrilling encounters between the top players. Stay tuned!

Olympic champions Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin_CM23