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BWF World Tour Finals: A Triumph of Resilience and Sportsmanship

In a thrilling match between Michelle Li and Mia Blichfeldt during the YONEX All England 2024, badminton fans witnessed a moment that transcended the sport. As Li led the game with a score of 17-14, Blichfeldt slipped on the court and remained down for a while. Showing genuine concern, Li approached the net, mindful of the hardships she herself had faced in her badminton journey.

Li had recently made a comeback after a meniscus tear in her right knee last August. The injury required surgery and a four-month recovery period, followed by a rush to return to the game in January, as it was an Olympic year. This was not the first time Li had to overcome adversity, as she had also experienced surgeries to her hip and knee after the 2016 Olympics, taking a year to return to the circuit.

The image of Li’s concern for Blichfeldt serves as a reminder of the physical and emotional toll that injuries can take on athletes. Li expressed her empathy, saying, “I would never wish that on anybody. The last six months have just been really tough, and just to see it happen, I really hope she’ll keep playing and I hope it isn’t anything serious. I felt worried, but at the same time, I had to stay focused.”

A Redemption Match

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The victory against Blichfeldt was particularly significant for Li, as it came after her defeat in their last meeting at the YONEX German Open 2024 semifinal. Li attributed her improved performance to her better preparation for Blichfeldt’s shots, intensity, and speed. She acknowledged Blichfeldt’s strengths, describing her as a formidable presence on the court.

Reflecting on her own progress, Li expressed satisfaction, stating, “Every week I feel a bit better. The leg is getting better, and I’m getting more used to my shots. I still make a lot of unforced errors that I never used to. So there’s a lot of things that I need to clean up. But that takes time. It’s hard to come back and be what I was before. It takes time to build, and I want to build better than I was before. As the leg gets better, I think the confidence will go up, and I just have to keep working and I have to take one day at a time.”

Blichfeldt’s Resilience

While Blichfeldt was understandably disappointed after the loss, she acknowledged Li’s superior performance. Blichfeldt admitted that she couldn’t reach the same level as she did in the German Open and praised Li for making it difficult for her to change her tactics. Fortunately, Blichfeldt’s injury turned out to be minor, with her expressing relief that it wasn’t more serious.


Q: What injuries did Michelle Li face in her career?
A: Michelle Li has undergone surgeries for a meniscus tear in her right knee, as well as hip and knee injuries, which required a year-long recovery period.

Q: How did Michelle Li perform against Mia Blichfeldt in their recent match?
A: Michelle Li emerged victorious against Mia Blichfeldt, avenging her previous defeat in the YONEX German Open 2024 semifinal.

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Q: How is Michelle Li’s progress after her injury?
A: While Michelle Li feels that she is improving every week, she acknowledges the need to reduce unforced errors and gradually regain her previous form. She remains committed to taking it one day at a time.

Q: How did Mia Blichfeldt react to the loss and her injury?
A: Despite her disappointment, Mia Blichfeldt commended Michelle Li for her exceptional performance and admitted that she couldn’t find her own game during the match. She expressed relief that her injury was not severe.


The match between Michelle Li and Mia Blichfeldt not only showcased intense competition but also highlighted the resilience and sportsmanship of both players. Li’s empathy towards her opponent, rooted in her personal experience with injuries, resonated with fans. Blichfeldt’s determination to bounce back from the loss exemplified the spirit of a true athlete.

As both Li and Blichfeldt continue their badminton journeys, fans eagerly anticipate their future encounters, where the thrill of the game will be accompanied by the admiration for their unwavering spirit. Let us celebrate the triumph of resilience and sportsmanship in the world of badminton.

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