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Badminton Pan America

A Family United Through Sport

Diane Delorier, Secretary General of the Haitian Federation of Badminton, believes that sports have the power to bring people together and break down barriers. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Diane saw an opportunity to rejuvenate and engage the community through badminton.

Working with the Haitian Olympic Committee, Diane implemented a psychosocial program to help young people in temporary shelters. It was during this time that she was introduced to badminton and saw the potential for the sport to make a positive impact. In 2012, Diane played a key role in the creation of the Haitian Badminton Federation (Fehbad), and she has been passionate about the sport ever since.

From Treasurer to Secretary General, Diane has taken on various roles within the federation. She is committed to promoting badminton throughout Haiti and developing projects to discover and nurture young talent. Her ultimate goal is to elevate Haiti’s standing in Pan-American badminton, competing on an international stage.

Challenges have not deterred Diane. She has faced criticism and skepticism due to her gender and age but has used these obstacles as fuel to prove herself. Diane approaches problems with a resilient mindset, always finding multiple solutions to overcome them.

Diane’s contribution to the development of badminton in Haiti is significant. She has accomplished many goals, yet she continues to strive for progress each day. She serves as an inspiration to women who are fighting to improve the sport in their own countries, reminding them to never limit themselves or allow others to define their capabilities.

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Q: How did Diane Delorier become involved in badminton?
A: Diane became involved in badminton after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. She was working on a psychosocial program for the Haitian Olympic Committee when a friend suggested that a sport like badminton could help rejuvenate and engage the community. Diane took on the challenge and has been committed to the sport ever since.

Q: What is Diane’s role within the Haitian Badminton Federation?
A: Diane started as Treasurer within the federation but has since taken on the role of Secretary General. She is responsible for managing the administration and secretariat, among other responsibilities. Diane is determined to promote badminton throughout Haiti and elevate the country’s standing in the Pan-American badminton scene.


Diane Delorier, Secretary General of the Haitian Federation of Badminton, is a driving force behind the development of badminton in Haiti. She recognized the power of sports to bring people together and has been passionately working towards promoting the sport in her country. Despite facing challenges and stereotypes, Diane remains resilient and continually seeks solutions to overcome obstacles. Through her dedication, she not only inspires the women in her community but also serves as a role model for those fighting for improvement in their respective sports. Join Diane in her mission to create a better future for badminton in Haiti.