Thursday, 23 May 2024

Emelia Ramdhani: Spreading the Love for Badminton in Guyana

Current President of the Guyana Badminton Association, Emelia Ramdhani, is on a mission to teach badminton to the entire country and continue the legacy left by her late husband in continental badminton. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on outstanding women in our sport through the Pan Am Women’s Month interviews in March.

A Passion Passed Down

Emelia, a banker by profession, shares her love for badminton which was ignited by her late husband, Gokarn Ramdhani. Gokarn was the Past President of the Guyana Badminton Association and a Past Board Member of Badminton Pan Am. He not only taught Emelia how to play badminton but also guided their children to compete at an international level. Emelia acknowledges that everything she knows about badminton is thanks to him.

From Player to Leader

Emelia has not only put her knowledge into practice by participating in various tournaments but has also made significant contributions to the development of badminton in Guyana. Now, as the President of the Guyana Badminton Association, Emelia has set a clear goal – to spread the love for badminton throughout the entire country.

Spreading the Benefits of Badminton

Emelia firmly believes in the positive impact that badminton can have on individuals and society as a whole. Her objective is to ensure that every corner of Guyana benefits from the sport. With her extensive experience as a wife, mother, manager, and athlete, Emelia encourages more women to take on various roles in sports. She believes that getting involved in sports is not only beneficial for oneself but also for the younger generation who can look up to and be inspired by women like her.

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Q: How did Emelia Ramdhani get involved in badminton?

A: Emelia’s journey in badminton began when she met her late husband, Gokarn Ramdhani, who was deeply involved in the sport. He taught her how to play, and she later passed on that knowledge to her children.

Q: What is Emelia’s goal as the President of the Guyana Badminton Association?

A: Emelia aims to teach badminton to every corner of Guyana, covering its entire 365,000 square kilometers.


Emelia Ramdhani is a true advocate for badminton in Guyana. Following in her late husband’s footsteps, she has dedicated herself to promoting the sport throughout the country. As the President of the Guyana Badminton Association, Emelia’s goal is to ensure that no part of Guyana is left untouched by the joy and benefits of badminton. Her passion and dedication serve as an inspiration for women in sports, encouraging them to embrace various roles and make a positive impact. Join Emelia in spreading the love for badminton and discover the countless opportunities it brings.