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Badminton Pan America

Dylan Darmohoetomo, a former player and coach from Suriname, had the honor of being the flag bearer for his delegation at the last Pan Am Games in 2019. Now, Dylan’s focus is on training players who can achieve even better results than he did as a player and ensuring the growth of badminton in his country.

As a coach, Dylan has taken part in several courses and led a local club in order to improve the state of badminton in Suriname. One notable course he attended was the Coach Level 3 course held in our region last year, which he found to be very interesting and valuable. He plans to share the new knowledge he acquired with other coaches in his country to further enhance badminton in Suriname.

Dylan’s journey in badminton began when he was just 8 or 9 years old, inspired by his parents who also played the sport. Since then, he has participated in various international tournaments such as the Universiades and Regional Games. Along the way, he realized his passion for coaching and began sharing his experiences and knowledge with younger players in his country.

Although the transition from player to coach comes with its own set of challenges, Dylan embraced the role wholeheartedly. He believes that being a coach allows him to provide guidance and support to younger players, helping them improve and reach their full potential. For Dylan, the decision to become a coach was an easy one, as he had already been looked up to by his peers for advice even when he was still an active player.

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Now, as a coach, Dylan’s dreams have evolved. He is fully committed to the sport and the growth of badminton in Suriname. He aims to lead the players he coaches to achieve even greater results than he did as a player, pushing them to surpass his own accomplishments. Dylan’s ultimate goal is to see his players become the best they can be and contribute to the success of badminton in Suriname.

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Q: How did Dylan Darmohoetomo get involved in badminton coaching?
A: Dylan’s journey as a coach began when the Federation approached him based on his experience as a player and asked if he would be interested in becoming a coach. Already having started coaching at his local club two years prior, Dylan gladly accepted the opportunity to share his knowledge and guide younger players.

Q: What does Dylan hope to achieve as a coach?
A: As a coach, Dylan’s primary goal is to train players who can achieve better results than he did as a player. He strives to see his players excel and contribute to the growth and development of badminton in Suriname.


Dylan Darmohoetomo, a former player and coach from Suriname, is dedicated to the growth of badminton in his country. After competing in international tournaments and sharing his experiences with younger players, Dylan made the transition to coaching. His focus now is on training players who can surpass his own achievements and lead the sport to even greater heights in Suriname. Dylan’s passion and commitment to badminton make him a valuable asset to the sport and its development in his country.

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