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BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals: Korea’s Underdogs Triumph

Sung Ji Hyun with Kim Ga Eun

Korea’s victory in the Uber Cup surprised many, as they were considered underdogs with weaknesses in their second and third singles. However, it was the key victories of Kim Ga Eun and Sim Yu Jin that helped secure the title for Korea. Their success was a testament to the faith coach Sung Ji Hyun had in them. Sung praised their skills and emphasized the importance of self-belief.

Kim Ga Eun: Overcoming Challenges

World No.19 Kim faced setbacks early on, including a shocking loss in the group stage. However, she persevered and defeated Line Christophersen in the quarterfinals and Nozomi Okuhara in the semifinals. Kim’s height and attacking prowess allowed her to secure a hard-fought victory against Okuhara. She credited her coach for encouraging her and reminding her of her abilities.

Kim Ga Eun

Sim Yu Jin: A Rising Star

Another standout player in the tournament was Sim Yu Jin, who achieved a famous victory over Asian champion Wang Zhi Yi. At just 23 years old, Sim displayed remarkable composure and utilized deceptive shots to dominate the match. Despite some initial doubts, she found strength in the support of her teammates. Sim’s performance showcased her potential and left badminton fans eagerly anticipating her future success.

Sim Yu Jin

Coach Sung Ji Hyun: Proud and Hopeful

Coach Sung Ji Hyun expressed her pride in the team’s triumph, especially considering her recent transition from player to coach. She commended Sim Yu Jin’s improvement and praised her ability to stay calm under pressure. Sung’s guidance and belief in her players contributed to the team’s success.

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  • Q: What were Korea’s weaknesses in the Uber Cup?

  • A: Korea faced challenges in their second and third singles, but Kim Ga Eun and Sim Yu Jin overcame those weaknesses with their exceptional performances.

  • Q: How did Kim Ga Eun bounce back from a disappointing loss?

  • A: Kim received encouragement from her coach, Sung Ji Hyun, who reminded her of her capabilities and urged her to regain confidence.

  • Q: Who achieved a famous victory over Asian champion Wang Zhi Yi?

  • A: Sim Yu Jin, a rising star in Korean badminton, secured a stunning win over Wang Zhi Yi, showcasing her potential.


Korea’s triumph at the BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals was a testament to the team’s resilience and the exceptional performances of players like Kim Ga Eun and Sim Yu Jin. They overcame challenges and showcased their skills, leaving a lasting impact on the badminton world. As they continue their journey in the DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2022, fans eagerly await their future achievements.

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