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Fabiana Da Silva: An Inspiring Journey in Badminton

Fabiana Da Silva
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Fabiana Da Silva, a Brazilian star and medalist at the Pan Am Games 2019, is setting her sights on reaching a quota for the Olympic Games 2020 and becoming a coach for the development of badminton in her country. With a background in Physical Education, Fabiana not only excels as a player but also as a teacher in schools, clubs, and gyms. Her love for badminton ignited at the age of 12 when she stumbled upon the sport while practicing another activity on the beach.

A Passion for Badminton

“My relationship with badminton started when I was 12. Before I knew badminton, I used to practice sailing, and on days when there was no wind to sail, I played badminton on the beach just for fun until I left sailing and started training badminton.”

Fabiana’s dedication to badminton has offered her numerous opportunities and benefits, including the ability to pursue higher education through a scholarship. She has also had the privilege of exploring different cultures, countries, and making lifelong friendships. These experiences have enriched her life and shaped her into the outstanding athlete she is today.

Ambitions for Badminton in Brazil

Thanks to athletes like Fabiana, badminton has gained popularity in Brazil. However, there is still work to be done to make the sport even more mainstream. Fabiana is determined to contribute to the growth of badminton in her country and hopes to inspire the younger generation. Her personal goal is to represent Brazil in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo while being a role model and attracting more investment for the sport.

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“My goals with badminton in my country are to be able to help in the development of this sport. To represent Brazil in the best possible way and to get more investment for badminton, and also to be an example for new generations. In addition, I hope to represent my country at Tokyo 2020.”

Overcoming Challenges with Resilience

In Fabiana’s journey, she has encountered obstacles that demanded resilience and determination. Lack of support and investment are common challenges faced by aspiring athletes, but Fabiana firmly believes that effort and perseverance are key to overcoming these hurdles.

“Lack of support and investment are always the biggest problems when starting a career. Today, we have more investment in badminton in Brazil, but I think that the lack of sponsors is still a problem not only for me but for many athletes.”

At 31, Fabiana has achieved great success through her unwavering dedication. She aims to inspire women to fearlessly pursue their dreams, regardless of the circumstances or age they start.

“I would say, don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid to start very soon or very early. What defines us is not the time or the place where we started, but our resilience, our attitudes, and our courage to conquer our space and pursue our dreams.”


1. What are Fabiana Da Silva’s achievements in badminton?

Fabiana Da Silva is a Brazilian badminton player who secured a medal at the Pan Am Games 2019. She continues to strive for success and hopes to represent Brazil at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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2. How is Fabiana contributing to the development of badminton in Brazil?

Fabiana is actively involved in promoting and developing badminton in Brazil. She aspires to be a coach and aims to attract more investment and support for the sport in her country.

3. What challenges does Fabiana face as a badminton player in Brazil?

Like many athletes, Fabiana acknowledges the lack of financial support and sponsorship as a significant challenge. However, she remains determined and perseveres through her dedication and hard work.


Fabiana Da Silva’s journey in badminton is an inspiration to aspiring athletes. With her achievements, she has placed Brazil on the badminton map and continues to contribute to the growth of the sport in her country. Through her resilience, dedication, and passion, Fabiana is paving the way for future generations of badminton players. To learn more about Fabiana and the world of badminton, visit Carnegiecentre.