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Badminton Pan America

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Badminton is a sport that has the potential to bring about significant positive change in communities. This is the story of Oscar Vera, a passionate advocate for badminton in Colombia, who believes in the power of sport to transform lives.

A Lifelong Journey

Oscar Vera grew up in a family that valued sport, hard work, and education. As the youngest of three children, he was instilled with a strong work ethic from an early age. Vera’s passion for public education and the importance of sports in schools led him to pursue a career in Physical Education.

Rediscovering Badminton

During his undergraduate studies, Vera came across badminton in a class. At first, he thought it was a boring game, as the shuttlecock would be easily blown away by the wind. However, fate had other plans for him. He reconnected with an old friend who was the president of the Colombian Badminton Federation. The friend proposed a badminton project in Bogotá, the country’s capital. Although Vera had minimal knowledge of badminton, his experience in other sports and his dedication to promoting physical education motivated him to take on the project.

Making an Impact

Despite his lack of expertise, Vera started working on the badminton project. Within weeks, he began to witness the positive impact that the sport had on the students. This experience made him a strong advocate for integrating badminton into school curricula.

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Embracing the Badminton Lifestyle

After years of hard work promoting badminton in Bogotá, Vera was awarded a scholarship to train in the Asturias Federation. It was during this time that he truly understood how badminton could become a lifestyle, rather than just a sport. The knowledge and skills he gained further fueled his dedication to the development of badminton in Colombia.

A Lifelong Passion

For Vera, badminton has become a way of life. It has not only helped him professionally but has also had a profound impact on his personal and family life. The sport has taught him the value of diversity in movement, concentration, social development, and the importance of continuous growth.

Inspiring Change

The most rewarding aspect of Vera’s work is seeing the joy and enthusiasm of children as they practice and compete in badminton. It has become an avenue for families to come together and support their children’s endeavors. Through badminton, teachers have discovered a new way to motivate students and foster a love for physical activity.


Q: How did Oscar Vera become involved in badminton?
A: Oscar Vera became involved in badminton when he met an old friend who proposed a badminton project in Bogotá.

Q: What impact has badminton had on schools in Bogotá?
A: Badminton has had a positive impact on schools in Bogotá, with teachers and students embracing the sport and its benefits.

Q: How has badminton transformed Oscar Vera’s life?
A: Badminton has become a lifestyle for Oscar Vera, empowering him both professionally and personally.

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Oscar Vera’s journey with badminton showcases the transformative power of sport. Through his dedication and passion, he has successfully integrated badminton into schools in Bogotá, inspiring teachers, students, and families alike. The positive impact of badminton on physical education and overall well-being cannot be underestimated. As Vera continues his mission to promote badminton, he hopes to see more children and communities benefit from this beautiful sport. To learn more about badminton and get involved, visit