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BWF News: Enhancing Badminton for the Future

Badminton is an exciting sport that is continuously evolving and aiming to reach new heights. In a recent BWF Members’ Forum, Gregory Verpoorten, a BWF Council Member, emphasized the need for improvements to make badminton even better. The forum, attended by over 130 member associations, discussed various enhancements that will be voted on at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Verpoorten highlighted the importance of keeping badminton relevant in the sports-entertainment industry by adding more excitement and ensuring quicker matches. He emphasized that the BWF has a responsibility to present elite badminton well and elevate the entertainment level.

To achieve this, the BWF Council is proposing three key changes: an enhanced scoring system (five games to 11 points instead of three games to 21 points), reduced on-court coaching, and a fixed-height service. These innovations, along with ongoing improvements in sport presentation, aim to engage fans, increase intensity, and reduce match length, as well as physical and mental pressure on players.

During the panel discussion, other possibilities, such as additional scoring systems for leagues and different age groups, were explored. The fixed-height service was also considered fairer than the current regulation, which relies on a service judge’s subjective assessment.

Prior to Verpoorten’s presentation, Sonja Piontek delivered a keynote speech titled “Magic Happens outside the Comfort Zone,” aligning with the forum’s theme of “Enhancing Badminton’s Future – Right Time, Right Now.” Piontek encouraged embracing change, highlighting that leaving the comfort zone is challenging but worthwhile for personal growth.

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The Members’ Forum also featured presentations on a changing world of sports, sports presentation, gender equity, and sport integrity. The discussions addressed the importance of understanding fan demographics, utilizing digital platforms, and evolving strategies to engage a wider audience.

The BWF is committed to leveraging digital technology to enhance fan experiences and reach a global audience. By adopting a millennial-specific strategy and creating engaging content, the BWF aims to grow its fan base and stay relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In summary, the BWF is actively working towards making badminton an even more thrilling and accessible sport. Through proposed enhancements and a focus on digital engagement, the BWF aims to elevate the game, captivate fans, and secure the future of badminton.


Q: What changes are being proposed by the BWF Council?
A: The BWF Council is proposing three key changes – an enhanced scoring system, reduced on-court coaching, and a fixed-height service – to make badminton more exciting and engaging for players and fans alike.

Q: How will these changes improve the sport?
A: The enhanced scoring system, with five games to 11 points, aims to bring more intensity and quicker matches to badminton. Reduced on-court coaching and a fixed-height service will help reduce match length and alleviate physical and mental pressure on players.

Q: What other discussions took place during the Members’ Forum?
A: The Members’ Forum covered a range of topics, including a changing world of sports, sports presentation, gender equity, and sport integrity. These discussions explored ways to engage fans, embrace digital opportunities, and ensure the integrity of the sport.

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Badminton, an already thrilling sport, is on its way to becoming even more exciting and engaging. The BWF Council, through proposed changes, aims to enhance the game for players and captivate fans worldwide. By introducing an enhanced scoring system, reducing on-court coaching, and implementing a fixed-height service, badminton matches will be more intense and faster-paced. These changes will reduce match length and alleviate pressure on players. The BWF also acknowledges the importance of embracing digital platforms and strategies to reach a wider audience and grow the sport’s fan base. With these efforts, badminton is set to soar to new heights and secure its place in the sports-entertainment industry. Visit for more information and to stay updated on the latest in badminton.