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China Dominates FISU World University Games with Four Gold Medals

China showcased its badminton prowess at the FISU World University Games in Chengdu, securing an impressive four gold medals. After a surprising defeat in the Mixed Team final by Chinese Taipei, the Chinese team bounced back to dominate the competition and clinch victory in multiple categories.

Mixed Doubles Final Result

The only gold medal that eluded China was in the mixed doubles category, where Ye Hong Wei and Lee Chia Hsin from Chinese Taipei emerged as the winners. They defeated Lee Fang Chih and Teng Chun Hsun in an intense all-Chinese Taipei final.

Men’s Singles Gold for Wang Zheng Xing

Wang Zheng Xing, ranked No. 266 in the world, redeemed himself after losing in the Mixed Team final. He claimed the men’s singles gold by defeating Thailand’s Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul. Despite Teeraratsakul holding narrow leads in both games, Wang showcased his skills and overtook his opponent with a score of 21-16 21-14 in just 40 minutes.

Han Yue Triumphs in Women’s Singles

Han Yue, ranked No. 9 globally, displayed exceptional talent and determination in the women’s singles category. She sailed through the competition without dropping a single game. Han faced her toughest challenge in the quarterfinals against Lalinrat Chaiwan, whom she defeated 21-17 22-20. She then went on to defeat Hsu Wen Chi from Chinese Taipei in the semifinals and Kim Ga Ram from Korea in the final, with scores of 21-9 21-13.

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Reflecting on her victory, Han stated, “I put all my strength into the final, and I was prepared for any difficulties that might arise, including losing a match or a game.” She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the University Games while still studying at Tongji University, considering it a valuable experience.

All-China Finals in Men’s and Women’s Doubles

The men’s and women’s doubles finals were both all-China affairs. Ren Xiang Yu and Tan Qiang emerged victorious in the men’s doubles category, defeating their compatriots Zhou Hao Dong and He Ji Ting with a score of 23-21 21-16 in just 33 minutes. In the women’s doubles final, Li Wen Mei and Liu Xuan Xuan overcame Xia Yu Ting and Du Yue in a closely contested match, winning with a score of 18-21 21-19 21-14.


Men’s Singles

  1. Wang Zheng Xing (CHN)
  2. Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul (THA)
  3. Toma Noda (JPN), Ko Shing Hei (KOR)

Women’s Singles

  1. Han Yue (CHN)
  2. Kim Ga Ram (KOR)
  3. Hsu Wen Chi (TPE), Zhang Yi Man (CHN)

Men’s Doubles

  1. Ren Xiang Yu/Tan Qiang (CHN)
  2. Zhou Hao Dong/He Ji Ting (CHN)
  3. Liew Xun/Wong Tien Ci (MAS); Lee Fang Chih/Po Li Wei (TPE)

Women’s Doubles

  1. Li Wen Mei/Liu Xuan Xuan
  2. Xia Yu Ting/Du Yue
  3. Machi Nagasako/Moe Aoki (JPN), Chasinee Korepap/Jhenicha Sudjaipraparat (THA)

Mixed Doubles

  1. Ye Hong Wei/Lee Chia Hsin (TPE)
  2. Lee Fang Chih/Teng Chun Hsun (TPE)
  3. Yuto Takiguchi/Rio Uemura (JPN); Ji Young Bin/Jin Yong (KOR)

For detailed results, please visit Carnegiecentre.

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  1. Who won the mixed doubles final?

    • Ye Hong Wei and Lee Chia Hsin from Chinese Taipei emerged as the winners.
  2. Who claimed the men’s singles gold?

    • Wang Zheng Xing from China secured the men’s singles gold.
  3. Who emerged victorious in the women’s singles category?

    • Han Yue from China triumphed in the women’s singles category.
  4. Which team won the men’s doubles finals?

    • Ren Xiang Yu and Tan Qiang from China were the winners in the men’s doubles category.
  5. Who emerged as the champions in the women’s doubles finals?

    • Li Wen Mei and Liu Xuan Xuan emerged as the champions in the women’s doubles category.


China showcased its badminton dominance at the FISU World University Games, securing four gold medals in various categories. The competition featured intense matchups and awe-inspiring performances from talented athletes. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their commendable efforts and dedication to the sport.