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BWF News: Introducing the “i am badminton” Integrity Campaign

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is launching an exciting new integrity campaign called “i am badminton,” aimed at nurturing the sport’s aspiring stars. During the Suhandinata Cup 2015 tournament, part of the Yonex BWF World Junior Championships held in Peru, talented young players from around the world had the privilege of learning about this initiative, which is set to be officially launched soon.

Under the guidance of BWF Integrity Manager, Andy Hines-Randle, over 300 athletes and their entourage in Lima engaged in various activities designed to deepen their understanding of the campaign’s key messages. These messages revolve around safeguarding badminton’s reputation as a clean, fair, and honorable sport, shielded from any threats.

To create awareness, players participated in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s online Youth Quiz, as well as signed a commitment wall, symbolizing their dedication to the cause. Additionally, they received brochures in eight different languages, highlighting the fundamental principles of the BWF program. Many players are sporting wristbands featuring the campaign slogan, which were produced in four languages, including Spanish, catering to the numerous Latin American countries competing in the event.

Addressing crucial aspects such as doping, match-fixing, illegal betting, and corruption, BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer emphasized the importance of educating athletes at an early age on proper conduct as aspiring professionals. They need to understand the risks and consequences associated with compromising their integrity and that of the sport they love. These messages apply not only to players but also to coaches, managers, and other personnel involved in professional sports.

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Høyer, who attended the initial days of the championships, acknowledged the seriousness of the topic but expressed satisfaction with the engaging and enjoyable approach used to introduce it to young players. The wider campaign will soon be extended to badminton’s elite ranks, tailoring the content to world-class professionals. Nonetheless, the core message remains consistent: players need to commit to upholding their integrity and showcasing their passion for clean, honest badminton.

The “i am badminton” integrity campaign sets out to create a strong sense of unity among players, demonstrating to the world that they are clean athletes devoted to the sport. Its simple yet powerful slogan, “I am clean; I am honest; I am badminton!” encapsulates their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.


Q: Who is behind the “i am badminton” integrity campaign?

A: The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is spearheading this initiative to safeguard badminton’s reputation as an honorable sport.

Q: What are the main messages of the campaign?

A: The campaign focuses on key aspects such as doping prevention, the elimination of match-fixing and illegal betting, and eradicating corruption to protect the integrity of badminton.

Q: Will the campaign be extended to professional players?

A: Yes, the wider campaign will be rolled out to badminton’s elite ranks, addressing the unique challenges faced by world-class professionals while reinforcing the importance of integrity.


The “i am badminton” integrity campaign launched by the Badminton World Federation aims to instill a deep sense of commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity within the sport. By educating and engaging young players, as well as extending the message to professionals, the campaign aspires to create a united front of clean and honest athletes who love badminton. Together, they will protect the reputation of the sport and demonstrate its unwavering dedication to fairness and honor.

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Members of Thailand team show off the integrity slogan in various languages.
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