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BWF World Championships: A Retrospective on Liliyana Natsir’s Illustrious Career

Liliyana Natsir, the four-time world champion and 2016 Olympic gold medalist, bid farewell to her remarkable badminton career earlier this year. Her retirement left a void not only in the mixed doubles category but also in the hearts of badminton enthusiasts worldwide.

Natsir’s exceptional skills and front-court dominance set her apart from her competitors. After a glorious 17-year career, Natsir chose the Indonesia Masters as the perfect stage for her retirement celebration, receiving a heartwarming send-off.

In a recent interview at the Indonesia Open, Natsir reflected on her post-retirement life, shared her advice for her former partner Tontowi Ahmad, and discussed the challenges faced by Indonesia’s mixed doubles pairs.

From Athlete to Spectator: Natsir Embraces a New Chapter

Upon her retirement, Natsir experienced a shift in her daily routine and mindset. As an athlete, she had to maintain strict discipline in managing her time, diet, and sleep. Now, she enjoys the freedom and relaxation that retirement brings. Her focus has shifted from intense preparations to observing and supporting her fellow players during competitions.

Natsir admitted that while she doesn’t miss competing, she does miss the unique environment that comes with it. The anticipation and nervousness leading up to tournaments were a distinct part of her athletic journey. However, as a spectator, she now has the chance to appreciate the players’ performances without feeling the pressure herself.

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Advise for Ahmad’s New Partnership and the Challenges Ahead

Natsir has been closely following Tontowi Ahmad’s matches with his new partner, Winny Oktavina Kandow. Recognizing Ahmad’s potential to lead the team, she encourages him to provide support and encouragement to Kandow, allowing her to grow as a player. Natsir emphasizes the importance of mental preparation and creating a supportive environment for Kandow to excel.

Speaking about the other Indonesian mixed doubles pairs, Natsir acknowledges that the dynamics have changed since her retirement. With the focus now on different pairs, the pressure and expectations increase. She highlights Hafiz Faizal/Gloria Widjaja and Praveen Jordan/Melati Oktavianti as the best-ranked pairs. While the pressure may be immense, Natsir believes that with the right mindset and evaluation of their games, they have the potential to rise to the occasion and perform exceptionally well.

Reflecting on the World Championships and Future Endeavors

When asked about the challenges of competing in the World Championships, Natsir mentions that the opponents remain the same as in any other tournament. However, the prestige associated with the World Championships creates a unique atmosphere that sets it apart.

As for her own future, Natsir admits that she has been approached about a coaching role. While she recognizes the immense responsibility and stress that comes with coaching, she currently enjoys the freedom and relaxed lifestyle that retirement offers. She relishes the opportunity to savor the present moment.


Q1: What were some of Liliyana Natsir’s achievements in her badminton career?

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A1: Liliyana Natsir is a four-time world champion and the 2016 Olympic gold medalist in mixed doubles badminton. Her exceptional skills and dominance at the front court made her one of the most formidable players in the game.

Q2: What advice did Natsir give to her former partner Tontowi Ahmad and his new partner?

A2: Natsir advised Ahmad to provide support and encouragement to his new partner, Winny Oktavina Kandow. She emphasized the importance of mental preparation and creating a supportive environment for Kandow to thrive.

Q3: How do the challenges at the World Championships differ from other tournaments?

A3: While the opponents remain the same, the World Championships hold a higher level of prestige, creating a unique and electrifying atmosphere that distinguishes it from other tournaments.


Liliyana Natsir, the renowned badminton player, recently retired from her illustrious career after 17 years. Her departure leaves a void in the mixed doubles category. Natsir now enjoys the liberty of being a spectator, appreciating the game without the pressure of competition. She offers advice to her former partner Tontowi Ahmad and his new partner, highlighting the importance of support and mental preparation. Looking ahead, Natsir believes in the potential of Indonesian mixed doubles pairs and their ability to rise to the challenges they face. The World Championships, with its unique ambiance, continue to captivate players and fans alike. Natsir’s valuable insights shed light on her experiences and provide inspiration for future players.