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Viktor Axelsen acknowledges Kento Momota as the Best Men’s Singles Player

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Viktor Axelsen, the current world No.1 in Men’s Singles badminton, has openly recognized Kento Momota as the top player in the world right now. After his defeat by Momota in the BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2018 final, Axelsen admitted that Momota has surpassed everyone, including himself. Axelsen expressed his respect for Momota’s recent performances and hopes to challenge him in the future.

A Dominant Performance by Kento Momota

The match showcased Momota’s exceptional form and dominance on the court. From the outset, Momota displayed a smooth and effortless playing style, leaving Axelsen struggling to keep up. Whether it was powerful smashes, deceptive shots, or close encounters at the net, Momota consistently found ways to win points or capitalize on Axelsen’s errors. The first game quickly ended with a score of 11-1, setting the stage for Momota’s victory.

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The second game mirrored the first, with Momota continuing his dominance. Even in rallies where Axelsen believed he had a chance, Momota’s deceptive shots and sharp attacks left him searching for answers. The final score of 15-6 in favor of Momota sealed Axelsen’s defeat, marking Momota’s second Indonesia Open title. It’s an impressive achievement, considering Momota’s recent return to competitive badminton after a year-long ban.

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“I Wanted to Play My Best”

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Despite his defeat, Axelsen acknowledged Momota’s superiority and congratulated the Japanese player. Axelsen attributed his loss to making too many mistakes and not finding his rhythm during the match. He admitted that Momota played exceptionally well, leaving him unable to perform at his best. Axelsen also acknowledged that his movement on the court was not up to par.

Tai Tzu Ying Triumphs in Women’s Singles

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In the Women’s Singles category, world No.1 Tai Tzu Ying successfully overcame the challenge from Chen Yufei, a talented young player. Chen took the thrilling first game, but Tai fought back and eventually secured a 21-23, 21-15, 21-9 victory in 54 minutes. Tai showcased her skill and composure, clinching her fifth title of the season and her second Indonesia Open crown.

The match was a closely contested battle, with both players fiercely competing for the upper hand. Chen’s exceptional defense forced Tai into some errors, giving Chen an advantage. However, Tai countered with quick winners to stay in contention. The second game belonged to Tai as she intensified her attack and displayed her renowned netplay. Chen’s strokes lost their accuracy, leading to Tai’s victory in the decider.


Both Viktor Axelsen and Tai Tzu Ying experienced challenging matches in the BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2018. Axelsen praised Kento Momota as the best Men’s Singles player while Tai Tzu Ying showcased her resilience and skill to secure another title. These exciting matches highlight the level of competition in the badminton world and promise even more thrilling encounters in the future.

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Q: Who is the current world No.1 in Men’s Singles badminton?
A: Viktor Axelsen is the current world No.1 in Men’s Singles badminton.

Q: How many titles has Tai Tzu Ying won this season?
A: Tai Tzu Ying has won five titles this season.

Q: Did Viktor Axelsen perform well in the BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2018 final?
A: Viktor Axelsen acknowledged that he did not perform at his best in the final but praised Kento Momota for his outstanding performance.

Q: How did Tai Tzu Ying win the Women’s Singles final?
A: Tai Tzu Ying secured victory by winning the second and third games after losing a closely contested first game.

Q: Did Chen Yufei play well in her debut top-level tour final?
A: Chen Yufei played exceptionally well in her debut top-level tour final but ultimately lost to Tai Tzu Ying.