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Liang Wei Keng and Wang Chang, a promising new pair in the badminton world, continue to make waves with their impressive performances. Recently, they achieved a notable victory over world champions Takuro Hoki and Yugo Kobayashi at the PERODUA Malaysia Masters 2022. Despite their early success, Liang and Wang remain humble and focused on their growth.

Climbing Up the Ranks

Liang and Wang, both 21 years old and relatively new to the professional badminton scene, have already reached their second semifinal in just a month. Their hard-fought match against the second-seeded Hoki and Kobayashi ended with a thrilling 21-14, 18-21, 21-18 victory. This win comes after the duo’s impressive performance at the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022, where they defeated the world champions.

A Modest Perspective

While acknowledging their recent triumph, Liang modestly attributes their success to being relatively unknown and the fatigue of their opponents. He recognizes that luck may have played a role in their victory but considers it a great result for their partnership. Liang and Wang made their debut as a pair at the Thailand Open in May and have since managed to defeat several top pairs, including Tokyo 2020 bronze medalists Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, as well as world No.1s Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo.

Liang and Wang paired up at the Thailand Open in May.

Hungry for More

Their runner-up finish at the Indonesia Masters has only fueled Liang and Wang’s determination to succeed. Liang states that the experience has made them even more motivated. Wang, who previously reached a career-high world ranking of No. 33 with his former partner Di Zi Jian in 2020, emphasizes that they are not yet at the level of consistency demonstrated by the top pairs in their field. They recognize that they are a work in progress and strive to continue improving their game.

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Strength in Partnership

Liang and Wang are aware of their strengths and believe that their styles complement each other well on the court. Their primary goal is to win as many matches as possible and break into the top 30 rankings. They are excited about their progress so far and remain committed to their journey.

Facing the Next Challenge

In their upcoming match, Liang and Wang will face Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan, the third-seeded Indonesian pair, for a chance at reaching the final. Ahsan and Setiawan advanced to the next stage after defeating Lu Ching Yao and Yang Po Han in a hard-fought match, with a final score of 21-18, 21-17.


  • Q: How long have Liang and Wang been playing together?

    • A: Liang and Wang started playing together at the Thailand Open in May.
  • Q: Who are some of the top pairs they have defeated?

    • A: Liang and Wang have defeated Tokyo 2020 bronze medalists Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, as well as world No.1s Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo.


Liang Wei Keng and Wang Chang’s journey as a new badminton pair has been impressive and inspiring. Their dedication to their craft, modesty in victory, and hunger for success make them a duo to watch out for. As they continue to develop their skills and gain experience, it will be exciting to see how far they can go in the world of badminton. Stay updated with their progress at Carnegiecentre.com.

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