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Li Shifeng and Goh Jin Wei Crowned Singles Champions at the Youth Olympic Games 2018

Li Shifeng from China and Goh Jin Wei from Malaysia emerged as the singles champions at the badminton competition during the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Buenos Aires. The tournament showcased impressive performances by young players from around the world.

Li Shifeng Clinches Victory in Men’s Singles

In the men’s singles final, Li Shifeng faced off against Lakshya Sen from India. Li dominated the match from the start, displaying sharp and aggressive play. He quickly built a significant lead, leaving Sen struggling to keep up. Despite Sen’s efforts to make a comeback in the second set, Li maintained his composure and secured a well-deserved victory.

Reflecting on his win, Li Shifeng expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported him and shared his aspirations of becoming a World and Olympic champion in the future.

Goh Jin Wei’s Hard-Fought Battle in Women’s Singles

The women’s singles final was an intense battle between Goh Jin Wei and Wang Zhiyi from China. Both players showcased their skills in a match driven by strategic shots rather than pure speed. Goh displayed exceptional athleticism, skillfully returning Wang’s net shots and prolonging the rallies. Although Wang fought back strongly, Goh managed to maintain her lead and secure the win.

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After her victory, Goh Jin Wei expressed her determination to continue working hard and improve further in the future.

Bronze Medal Matches

In the bronze medal matches, Kodai Naraoka from Japan faced Arnaud Merkle in a thrilling contest. Naraoka, who had previously put up a fierce fight against Lakshya Sen in the semi-finals, continued to demonstrate his resilience. Despite trailing behind, Naraoka refused to give up and eventually emerged as the winner in a closely contested match.

Meanwhile, Phittayaporn Chaiwan from Thailand secured the bronze medal in the women’s singles category with a comfortable victory over Jaslyn Hooi from Singapore.


  1. Who were the singles champions at the Youth Olympic Games 2018?

    • Li Shifeng from China won the men’s singles.
    • Goh Jin Wei from Malaysia emerged victorious in the women’s singles.
  2. Who won the bronze medals in the singles category?

    • Kodai Naraoka from Japan won the bronze in the men’s singles.
    • Phittayaporn Chaiwan from Thailand secured the bronze in the women’s singles.


The badminton competition at the Youth Olympic Games 2018 showcased incredible talent and determination from young players worldwide. Li Shifeng and Goh Jin Wei’s victories in the singles category exemplified their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. As they continue to strive for success, these young athletes are setting their sights on becoming future World and Olympic champions.

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