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BWF World Tour: Indonesian Badminton Festival Bubble Experience

The Indonesian badminton festival is in full swing, and athletes from around the world have come together in the bubble at Nusa Dua, Bali. Beyond the intense competition, players are finding their time in Bali to be quite interesting and enjoyable.

A Unique Experience in Bali

“It’s my first time in Bali, and I’m really enjoying it,” says Pusarla V. Sindhu, one of the athletes. “I played volleyball in the pool, which was really fun. It gave me the opportunity to communicate and get to know people from different countries. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Embracing the Bali Spirit

Michelle Li, another participant, expresses her happiness to be in Bali after a four-day journey. “I really lucked out with my hotel room. It’s lovely, and everything here is just wonderful,” she shares. The warm weather and the vibrant atmosphere have left her feeling good and energized.

Socializing and Fun Activities

The social side of the Indonesian badminton festival has been a highlight for many athletes. Sean Vendy, commenting on the water volleyball matches, says, “Coming from the cold to the warm – it’s been a great change. I hear it’s going to snow in the UK, so I’m savoring every moment here.”

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A New Experience for All

Clara Azurmendi, who is also in Bali for the first time, expresses her happiness to be part of the festival. “The weather has been a bit challenging to adapt to, but overall, I’m really happy to be here in Bali and Indonesia,” she shares.

Relaxation and Enjoyment in Bali

Lee Zii Jia, along with other athletes, is delighted to escape the chilly European weather. “It’s nice and relaxed here, and the weather is much better than in Europe at the moment. I plan to watch an NBA match and just unwind,” Lee mentions.

Fond Memories and Indonesian Hospitality

Stefani Stoeva shares her delight in being back in Indonesia, saying, “We’ve been playing volleyball in the pool. The weather is lovely, and I absolutely love Indonesian food. I’ve really missed it.”

Beatriz Corrales echoes the sentiment, “It’s always great to be in Indonesia. I’ve been here for the Indonesia Open several times, and the people are incredibly friendly.”

Challenging Adjustments

While most athletes are enjoying their time in Bali, Lu Ching Yao admits feeling nervous. “I can’t fully enjoy it yet. The burden of the upcoming tournament next week is still on me, and I’m also trying to get over the jetlag. Adapting from the cold to the hot weather has been quite difficult, but I’m determined to settle into the conditions,” Lu explains.

Bali’s Perfect Escape

Gabriela Stoeva can’t contain her excitement for Bali, especially coming from Bulgaria’s cold weather. “From two degrees to Bali’s hot weather, it’s perfect. We can finally relax and put away our winter clothes,” she exclaims.

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With a combination of sporting excellence and the enchantment of Bali, the Indonesian badminton festival offers an unforgettable experience for both players and fans alike.

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Q: What is the Indonesian badminton festival?
A: The Indonesian badminton festival is a major sporting event that brings together athletes from different countries to compete in the beautiful setting of Bali.

Q: What activities are the athletes enjoying in Bali?
A: The athletes have been participating in social activities such as playing volleyball in the pool, enjoying the warm weather, and exploring the unique culture and hospitality of Bali.

Q: How are the athletes adjusting to the weather change in Bali?
A: While some athletes find it challenging to adapt to the hot weather, most of them appreciate the escape from colder climates and are enjoying the relaxed atmosphere in Bali.


The Indonesian badminton festival in Bali has created a memorable experience for athletes from various countries. From socializing and playing volleyball in the pool to embracing the warm weather and immersing themselves in the local culture, the athletes are thoroughly enjoying their time in Bali. Despite the challenges of adjusting to different weather conditions and overcoming travel fatigue, the overall atmosphere and hospitality of Bali have made the experience truly remarkable. The Indonesian badminton festival showcases the best of sport and leisure, providing a perfect combination for participants and spectators. Visit for more exciting news and updates.