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Welcome to Carnegiecentre, your go-to source for all things badminton-related. Today, we’ll be exploring the journey of Priyanna Ramdhani, a talented badminton player from Guyana. Join us as we delve into her experiences, achievements, and aspirations in the world of badminton.

Starting Young and Embracing the Sport

At the young age of five, Priyanna Ramdhani discovered her passion for badminton. Influenced by her father, she took her first steps onto the badminton court. Since then, she has been dedicated to honing her skills and making a mark in the sport.

Tournaments and Success Stories

Having participated in over 20 tournaments, Priyanna has achieved remarkable milestones in her badminton career. She proudly boasts bronze medals from the Pan Am Junior Championships and multiple gold medals from the CAREBACO Junior Championships. Her unwavering commitment and determination have paved the way for victory on numerous occasions.

Exploring the World through Badminton

Badminton has been an incredible journey for Priyanna, taking her to various countries around the world. From Suriname to Puerto Rico, she has had the privilege of experiencing different cultures and meeting fellow badminton enthusiasts. This global adventure has enriched her life and broadened her perspectives.

Short and Medium Term Objectives

Priyanna’s ambitions as a badminton player are set high. She aspires to participate in the Olympic Games and clinch a coveted medal. Additionally, she hopes to contribute to the growth and popularity of badminton globally. With her dedication and talent, there’s no doubt that she is well on her way to achieving these goals.

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Balancing Academics and Sports

Priyanna is not only a talented athlete but also a dedicated student. While pursuing her badminton career, she attends high school at Marian Academy. Balancing the demands of academics and sports is undoubtedly challenging, but her perseverance and hard work demonstrate her unwavering commitment to both areas.

The Rewards Beyond Sports

Apart from the fulfillment derived from her achievements in badminton, Priyanna cherishes the opportunities that the sport has brought her. Through badminton, she has been able to travel the world and explore diverse cultures. This exposure has broadened her horizons and provided her with invaluable life experiences.


Q: Who was Priyanna’s first coach?

A: Priyanna’s first coach was none other than her own father, Gokarn Ramdhani.

Q: Which club does Priyanna represent?

A: Priyanna proudly represents the Yonex Badminton Club and the Guyana Badminton Association.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of being a high-level athlete?

A: Balancing academics and sports poses as the biggest challenge for Priyanna, requiring her to put in immense effort to maintain equilibrium.

Q: How did Priyanna fare at the Pan Am Junior Championships?

A: Priyanna has participated in the Pan Am Junior Championships four times, securing two bronze medals in 2012, one bronze in 2011, and another bronze in 2010.

Q: What advice does Priyanna have for individuals interested in practicing badminton in countries where it is not popular?

A: Priyanna encourages aspiring badminton players not to let the sport’s popularity (or lack thereof) in their country deter them. She believes that individuals should take the initiative to promote badminton locally, spreading awareness and inspiring others to embrace the sport. Priyanna emphasizes that badminton not only enhances physical fitness but also nurtures mental well-being.

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Priyanna Ramdhani’s journey in badminton is an inspiration to all aspiring athletes. Her dedication, perseverance, and passion for the sport have propelled her to great heights. We look forward to witnessing her future achievements as she continues to make her mark on the badminton world.

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