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Kunlavut Vitidsarn, the talented men’s singles shuttler, has been making waves in the badminton world. With impressive victories at the Thailand Open and the India Open, as well as a runner-up finish at last year’s World Championships, Vitidsarn’s success is undeniable. However, he acknowledges the need to continuously improve his game.

While Vitidsarn is satisfied with his defensive skills, he understands the importance of adding more offensive weapons to his repertoire. As his opponents have studied his style, he recognizes the need to adapt and be prepared against the best players. This determination to enhance his game showcases his commitment to success.

After a shoulder injury forced him out of the Singapore Open, Vitidsarn made a strong comeback at the Canada Open. Although he faced a setback in the opening round, he rebounded with a second-place finish at the US Open and reached the quarterfinals of the Japan Open. Despite the injury, his confidence remains intact.

With the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023 on the horizon, Vitidsarn is poised to make his mark. Although he recognizes that his form is not yet at its peak, he embraces the challenge and dreams of becoming a world champion at the senior level. The pressure and expectations are there, but he is determined to work hard and showcase his skills in Denmark.

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Q: What titles has Kunlavut Vitidsarn won this season?
A: Kunlavut Vitidsarn has won two HSBC BWF World Tour titles this season – the Thailand Open and the India Open.

Q: How has Vitidsarn’s performance against Viktor Axelsen been?
A: In their most recent encounter, Vitidsarn triumphed over Axelsen in the final, marking his first win against the Dane in seven attempts.

Q: How has Vitidsarn dealt with his shoulder injury?
A: Vitidsarn made a successful comeback after his shoulder injury and has been working hard to regain his form and precision in the game.

Q: What are Vitidsarn’s aspirations for the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023?
A: While Vitidsarn acknowledges that his form is not at its best, he dreams of becoming a world champion at the senior level and is determined to give his all in Denmark.


Kunlavut Vitidsarn, the rising star in men’s singles badminton, has showcased his skills and earned two major titles this season. With an impressive victory over Viktor Axelsen and a strong recovery from a shoulder injury, Vitidsarn is setting his sights on the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023. Despite considering himself an underdog, he is determined to work hard and show his potential on the world stage. Follow his journey and witness the emergence of a future badminton champion.

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