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Three years have passed since Shi Yu Qi’s last title win at the Swiss Open. His emotions overwhelmed him as he triumphed over Lee Zii Jia in a thrilling three-game match to claim his first HSBC BWF World Tour Super 750 title at the Denmark Open 2022. Shi expressed his excitement, stating, “I was so excited I was close to tears.” This victory marked a significant milestone for Shi, who hadn’t reached a final in three years.

The final showcased two formidable attacking players, and it was Shi’s deft net plays and mental fortitude that ultimately secured the title. Reflecting on the match, Shi emphasized the importance of their mental states, saying, “We are both offensive players. The shuttles were quick in the stadium, so it all came down to our mental status.”

Lee appeared fatigued in the deciding game, with Shi capitalizing on the drift, control, and pace of the match. Shi explained, “I was surprised how things played out in the third game, especially when I started on the more difficult end. It was hard to control the drift, so my tactic was to keep up with Lee until the change of ends and hit big with the drift.”

Following his victory in Odense, Shi’s confidence stands at “90 percent.” When asked about his celebration plans, he humbly replied, “No party. I need to wash my clothes, take a shower, pack for Paris, and get a good night’s sleep.” While his ranking target was to improve from 44th, the question remains: is Shi Yu Qi truly back? His response was, “Not just yet. I always strive to be in my best condition. I’ll keep trying.”

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Runner-up Lee admitted feeling tired during the final and acknowledged Shi’s experience in controlling the conditions. Lee said, “Instead of moving Shi around the court, I felt tired. Shi was also tired, but he’s more experienced in controlling the conditions. I lost my focus in the last game, with the change of ends, Shi played many attacking shots.” Lee is determined to make amends at the upcoming YONEX French Open 2022, aiming to maintain his performance and condition in Paris and Germany (HYLO Open 2022).


Q: How long had it been since Shi Yu Qi’s last title win?
A: It had been three years since Shi Yu Qi’s last title win at the Swiss Open.

Q: How did Shi Yu Qi describe his emotions after the victory?
A: Shi Yu Qi expressed his excitement and revealed that he was on the verge of tears.

Q: What was the key factor in taking the title, according to Shi Yu Qi?
A: Shi Yu Qi attributed his victory to his deft net plays and mental strength.


Shi Yu Qi secured his first HSBC BWF World Tour Super 750 title at the Denmark Open 2022 after a three-year title drought. In a thrilling match against Lee Zii Jia, Shi showcased his mental fortitude and skillful net plays. The victory marked a significant milestone for Shi, who expressed his excitement after the match. Meanwhile, Lee acknowledged his fatigue in the deciding game and highlighted Shi’s expertise in controlling the conditions. Both players look forward to future tournaments, aiming to maintain their performance and achieve further success. For more information and updates, visit

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