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Badminton Pan America

The Para badminton competition at the Parapan Am Games Santiago 2023 was a resounding success, with players from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and the United States taking home medals. The event, held in Chile from November 22 to 26, captivated both the live audience and those cheering from afar.

Para Badminton Shines

Local Para badminton star Jaime Aranguiz, the reigning champion of the Pan Am Para Badminton Championships 2022, secured the gold medal in the MS WH2 category with an impressive victory over Julio Cesar Godoy from Brazil. Bernand Lapointe from Canada claimed the bronze medal in the same event.

World Champion Pilar Jauregui from Peru successfully defended her title, claiming the gold medal in the WS WH2 category after defeating Maria Gilda Dos Santos from Brazil in an intense final. Silva Silva from Peru clinched the bronze medal in this event. Jauregui also teamed up with Jaquelin Burgos to win the gold medal in the WD WH1-WH2 category, securing three victories and the first-place position in the round-robin system. The Brazilian pairs of Ana Gomes/Daniele Souza and Maria Gilda Dos Santos/Auricelia Evangelista took home the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Daniele Souza emerged victorious in the WS WH1 category, defeating Jaqueline Burgos from Peru in the final. Yuka Chokyu from Canada secured the bronze medal after winning the third-place match.

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In the WH1 class, Marcelo Conceicao from Brazil claimed the gold medal after an impressive performance against Rodolfo Cano, also from Brazil. Victor Aragon from Colombia secured the bronze medal. Conceicao and Godoy continued their winning streak in the MD WH1-WH2 category, earning the gold medal with a victory over Edmar Barbosa/Rodolfo Cano from Brazil in the final. The Peruvian duo of Roberth Fajardo/Fernando Vilcachagua took home the bronze medal.

Miles Krajewski from the United States shined in the SH6 events, earning two gold medals. In the Singles event, he defeated the defending champion, Vitor Tavares from Brazil, in an exhilarating final, while Nilton Quispe claimed the bronze medal. In Mixed Doubles, Krajewski and Jayci Simon secured the top spot on the podium after winning all four matches in the Round Robin. Nilton and Giuliana Poveda from Peru won the silver medal, while Jesus Salva and Rubi Fernandez, also from Peru, claimed the bronze.

Giuliana Poveda, a former world champion, emerged victorious in the Women’s Singles event, defeating Jayci Simon from the United States in a thrilling final. Rubi Fernandez secured the bronze medal.

Rogerio De Oliveira and Edwarda De Oliveira from Brazil were crowned the champions in the XD SL3-SU5 category after defeating Yuki Rodrigues/Adrian Avila, also from Brazil, in the final. Renzo Bances and Jenny Ventocilla from Peru claimed the bronze medal in this event.

Rogerio also claimed the gold medal in the MS SL4 category after defeating Maximiliano Avila from Mexico in the final, surpassing his previous result in 2019. Johann Breno from Brazil secured the third-place spot. Yuki took home the gold medal in the MS SU5 category after a victory over Manuel Del Rosario from Cuba in the final. Jairo Aranguri from Peru claimed the bronze medal.

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Pedro Pablo De Vinatea from Peru replicated his success from Lima 2019 by winning the gold medal in the MS SL3 category. He defeated William Roussy from Canada in an intense final. Gerson Vargas from Peru secured the bronze medal in this event.

Brazil dominated the Women’s Singles events in the Standing Classes (SL3, SL4, SU5) with Abinaecia Da Silva in SL3, Ana Reis in SL4, and Mikaela Almeida in SU5 winning their respective categories. Mikaela’s victory marked her second consecutive gold medal at the Parapan Am Games, following her success in Lima 2019. Kauana Beckenkamp and Adriane Avila from Brazil won the silver and bronze medals in the SL3 category. Edwarda De Oliveira from Brazil claimed the silver medal in SL4, while Olivia Meier from Canada secured the bronze. Diana Rojas from Peru won the silver medal, and Kelly Ari, also from Peru, took home the bronze in the SU5 category.

The BPAC Executive Board, led by Mr. Armando Bruni, the BPAC president, was actively involved in the Parapan Am Games 2023, sharing memorable moments with players and the audience. They also participated in the Medals Ceremonies, alongside Mr. Paul Kurzo, BWF Vice President, Mrs. Pilar Carrillo, BWF Council Member, and local representatives.

Congratulations to all the participants for their remarkable performances!