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Newcomer Tang; Five Men Seek Election

Tang Yuanting, a rising star in international badminton, is set to become one of the new voices for players on the BWF Athletes’ Commission. As the lone female nominee among six candidates for three positions on the representative body, Tang automatically becomes a Commission member according to BWF regulations.

The election rules state that the three positions will be filled by the male and female nominees with the highest number of votes, as well as the nominee with the next highest number of votes, regardless of gender. Tang’s election is a result of this second stipulation.

This leaves five male nominees contending for the two remaining positions. They are:

  1. Shintaro Ikeda (Japan)
  2. Lee Yong Dae (Korea)
  3. Koen Ridder (Netherlands)
  4. Prakash Vijayanath (South Africa)
  5. Zhang Nan (China)

On May 12, athletes participating in the upcoming VIVO BWF Sudirman Cup in Dongguan will cast their votes to decide who will fill the other two seats on the BWF Athletes’ Commission. Lee Yong Dae, Rodrigo Pacheco (Peru), and Emma Mason (Scotland), the current Commission Chair, have completed their four-year terms, creating the three vacant positions on the six-member body.

The BWF Athletes’ Commission operates on a rotational basis, with half of the panel being elected every two years. The current members are Greysia Polii (Indonesia), Yuhan Tan (Belgium), and Hans Kristian Vittinghus (Denmark; Vice Chair), who were elected in 2013. Once constituted, the newly-formed Commission will determine a chair, who will then serve on the BWF Council.

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For more information on the nominees and the election procedures, please click here.

Established in 2008, the BWF Athletes’ Commission represents the views of athletes to the BWF Council. The Chair of the Commission, as a full voting member of the Council, advises on matters relevant to athletes. The Commission abides by the Athletes’ Commission Charter.

Text by Gayle Alleyne | Badmintonphoto