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Viktor Axelsen shines in Denmark’s impressive performance against Singapore in Group A at the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023. Despite facing a strong opponent and the pressure of missed game points, Axelsen displays remarkable composure and leads his team to a strong start.

In their previous encounters, Loh Kean Yew had the upper hand against Axelsen. However, the Danish player’s determination and skill prevail in this match. Despite a brief window of opportunity for Loh at 11-8 in the third game, Axelsen responds with an eight-point streak, securing the victory and contributing to Denmark’s 2-0 lead.

“This was an important win,” says Axelsen. “Playing against Loh was tough, and I knew it would be difficult. I’m grateful for the experience and glad that I managed to come out on top. Loh is a great player, and his attacks were always threatening.”

Denmark’s Mathias Christiansen and Alexandra BØje also make a strong contribution in the opening match, defeating Terry Hee/Jessica Tan 21-19 21-18. Mia Blichfeldt continues Denmark’s success, followed by Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, who secure a 4-0 lead. Singapore manages to pull one back through Jin Yu Jia/Crystal Wong in the women’s doubles.

In another Group A match, China dominates against Egypt, comfortably winning four matches in under 25 minutes. Although Adham Hatem Elgamal initially poses a challenge for Shi Yu Qi in men’s singles, the world No.10 eventually takes control and secures the win.

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“I came here not just to play, but also to have a great experience,” says Elgamal. “Every second on court means a lot to me during this qualification period. I believe I’ve improved since I last played top players. I will watch the match recording to learn from my mistakes and prepare for Denmark.”

In their opening tie against England, Japan delivers a strong performance, only dropping one game in five matches. Chloe Birch and Lauren Smith manage to take a game off Mayu Matsumoto/Wakana Nagahara before the two-time world champions seal the victory for Japan with a score of 21-17 13-21 21-11.


  1. How did Viktor Axelsen perform in the BWF Sudirman Cup match against Singapore?

    • Viktor Axelsen displayed exceptional skills and composure, leading Denmark to a strong start against Singapore in the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023.
  2. Who were the key players in Denmark’s victory?

    • Viktor Axelsen, Mathias Christiansen, Alexandra BØje, Mia Blichfeldt, Kim Astrup, and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen played crucial roles in Denmark’s success against Singapore.
  3. How did China fare in their match against Egypt?

    • China dominated their match against Egypt, winning four matches comfortably in under 25 minutes.


The BWF Sudirman Cup is underway, and Denmark and China show their dominance in their respective matches. Viktor Axelsen leads Denmark to a strong start against Singapore, displaying exceptional skills and composure. China, on the other hand, comfortably defeats Egypt in their Group A tie. Japan also impresses with a clean sweep against England, dropping only one game in five matches. The competition promises more intense matches as teams showcase their talent and determination. Stay tuned for more updates on the BWF Sudirman Cup. Visit for the latest news and insights.

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